Sunday, November 6, 2016

Some Fall Color on the Way to the Beach

We headed off to the beach around noon yesterday. Our trees are in the midst of turning colors here with the approach of cooler weather. The orange-tipped one in the center is a maple, while the dark purplish one on the right is a Sweet Gum, pretty in fall, but an awful tree in a yard thanks to the spiky "gumballs"
Poison Ivy often turns before tree it's growing on does. Here it's yellow on one tree and red on another.

Hickories are the main stand outs now, with yellow-orange. Our oaks, of several different species, turn later, and are usually less colorful.

Down at the beach, the winds were light and west, although this catamaran was leaving the harbor for a sail
There were a few Horseshoe Crab molts on the beach. Left empty by the living crab having crawled out for a new, bigger shell, these can be washed out and dried to make an interesting souvenir.
As you can see in the distance, the main bulk of our trees are still green and in leaf. By the end of November the majority of the leaves will be down.
The cooler weather has Skye friskier than usual, and that says a lot.
A few butterflies still hanging on. A Common Buckeye (there are no uncommon buckeyes around here). A few Monarchs are still drifting by, and the Sulphurs (Cabbage, Clouded and Unclouded) are still around, as the the Variegated Fritillary.

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