Friday, November 25, 2016

When Black Friday Comes

As I roundaboutly reported yesterday (see the sequence of video's from appropriate locations) we left early yesterday morning headed for Canonsburg, to share Thanksgiving dinner with our son Alex, his wife, Kelly, their 10 month old son Graham, and her family. Other than having the "check engine" light go on in our van after stopping for gas in Morgantown, everything went fairly smoothly. Traffic was light as usual on Thanksgiving Day. We arrived with plenty of time to check in to the motel (one that allows canine guests), and headed over to Alex's to say hi.

After walking Skye, and Alex's dog we went in to watch football, and let Georgia play with Graham. The dogs had a few dustups but were mostly peaceful together. Hendrix resents Skye near her food or people, and Skye seems to enjoy egging Hendrix on. Around 5:30 we headed over to Kelly's parents house, a mile, and 3 hills away.  There we met Kelly's Mom and Dad, Jean and Bob, and her sister Bethanny, brother-in-law Eric, and 8 month old daughter Saddie.

We watched a little more football, and had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, and didn't get up the next morning until. . . oh wait. Wrong story. We did have a dinner that couldn't be beat, turkey, stuffing, baked fruit, salad, and much much more, including apple and pumpkin pie (ala mode, of course). After dinner we went back to football and grandbaby watching until the food and driving coma began to set in, and we drove back to the motel, where a desk clerk was so taken with Skye she gave us a dog treat.

This morning we started a bit late. After Skye's morning constitutional, we stopped at a nearby Lowes for air filters for Alex, and met them a the local King's diner for breakfast. Graham behaved great, even though he seemed to have a bit of a cold.

After breakfast, we went to have the code read on the car at a nearby Advanced Auto. It turned out to be something minor, that can stand to wait until we get home to have worked on. That was good news. Back to Alex's where they were in a flurry of activity. Graham was fussy again and they we concerned that he might have an ear infection, and off to the local urgent care center to check they went, leaving us to guard the house and keep the dogs in order.

When they returned (yes, maybe a minor ear infection, antibiotics prescribed JIC), someone, it's not clear who, didn't watch the door carefully, and Skye bolted for it, and made her escape into the wilds of Canonsburg. All of us (except Kelly and Graham) went after her, but Alex lost sight of her in some brush behind their house. He and I walked, Georgia drove, and for a half hour she was gone, until a neighbor managed to collar her, and get her into his house. Whew!

That was our big activity for the day. After that we retired to a lunch of leftovers from the night before, a Star Wars marathon on TBS, and pizza for dinner. Graham learned that Siberian Huskies are much more tolerant of small children crawling all over them than ankle biters like Hendrix..

Back in our motel room now, and we'll be one our way back to the low country tomorrow morning.

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