Friday, November 18, 2016

How Clinton Lost Stacy McCain

Bill Clinton, that is: ‘No One Left to Lie To’
. . . Today, while composing a brief response to something somebody wrote on, I had a flashback to the title of Christopher Hitchen’s 1999 book No One Left to Lie To. He died a few years ago, but not before I had a chance to hang out with him in D.C., when Marty Beckerman and I spent a good hour (and probably $25) buying Hitch rounds of Johnny Walker Black, just so he would keep telling jokes. God rest his atheist soul, but Hitch could tell a joke better than anyone I ever met. It was not so much the content of his jokes, as it was the form — Hitch had a brilliant delivery and, having heard him do a stand-up performance at the “PlameGate Two” benefit, I insisted that he tell his best jokes for Marty. But I digress . . .

No One Left to Lie To flashed into my mind while I was explaining my own deep resentment of how Bill Clinton screwed me over:
By the way, I used to be a Democrat — a hard-core “yellow dog” who voted for Walter Mondale in 1984, and who proudly put a Clinton-Gore bumper sticker on my car in 1992. What happened? Well, Bill Clinton happened. No sooner had he finished taking the oath of office than he began to enact policies that were anathema to the core values of millions of people who voted for him. Behind his façade of down-home “moderation,” Bill Clinton was a proponent of the 1960s anti-American atheist radicalism of the New Left, and his wife was even more deeply committed to this agenda of the left-wing cultural elite.
Well, I was a Democrat, but I was never a complete fool. Being bamboozled — played for a chump in a political three-card monte hustle — pi–ed me off.
You’re never going to f–k me over twice, and after I take your knife out of my back, I’m gonna remember who put it there. . . .
You can read the whole thing at Oh, how I hated that swindling liar! The fact that he bamboozled me — someone who prides himself on his street-smart cynicism — was simply unforgivable. Say what you will about the GOP, but when the Republicans screw you over, at least they don’t insult you by calling it “social justice.”
My conversion to conservatism and the Republican Party came much earlier; helped by generous reading of National Review, when Carter failed at the presidency. But it wasn't nearly that colorful.

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