Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Here Come The Judge

Judge to hear arguments over fish passage at Conowingo Dam
Exelon Corp. has taken the unusual step of requesting a “trial-type hearing” to challenge recommendations made by federal biologists who are calling for a massive upgrade to fish passage operations at its Conowingo Dam.

The request is in response to a “preliminary prescription” from the U.S. Department of Interior in August. The prescription, developed by state and federal agency biologists, spells out steps needed to get 5 million shad and 12 million river herring upstream of the 94-foot-high dam each year.

Among other changes, the steps call for the construction of a state-of-the art elevator capable of moving four times as many fish as the current 25-year-old fish lift.

Exelon contends the upgrades would cost $56 million and are unlikely to achieve the fish passage goals. It wants to instead upgrade and improve its existing lift, and revive a program to trap shad and truck them around Conowingo and the three dams upstream of it.
You should be able to move a lot of fish for $56 million. But that's OK, Baltimore doesn't deserve cheap electricity. . .

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