Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blue November

Based on yesterday's tolerable fishing, I took the opportunity to take off this afternoon too.

I went to "Location X" initially, without any success, when I looked north and saw birds working a small patch of fish.

As happened yesterday, they were small (ca 12 inch) fish, so I went back to "X".
Fishing was very, very slow. Almost no hits, but I did luck into an 18 inch Bluefish, and he didn't even tear up the jig. No fish pictures because I was fishing alone.
Not the brightest sunset ever, but good enough. There was no wind to speak of, but clouds were building all afternoon, culminating in a bit of rain as I drove home (all of 3/4 of a mile).

 Some time after the sun had set, but with light still in the sky, I got a good hit, and a 23 inch fish. Not quite as big as yesterday's, but very nice. I tried another drift, but his buddies were no where to be found.
I was back in the slip by 5:30.

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