Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rain Tax Repeal

Gov. Hogan repeals rain tax
The rain tax in Maryland is officially repealed.

The repeal eliminates the requirement for local jurisdictions to increase taxes for a storm water remediation fee.

But state law still requires them to come up with the money for projects like restoring streams and planting trees to safeguard and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.
Well, that's that then, isn't it? Rain Tax repeal? Not really
You'll be hearing a lot of news reports that the repeal of Maryland's much-hated rain tax takes effect. Not really.

The law, enacted in 2012, required 9 counties and the City of Baltimore (because of its size) to pay for EPA mandated water cleanup - by taxing property owners for stormwater runoff.
. . .
Others instituted perhaps the most derided fee calculation - one based on the amount of "impervious surface area". We're talking about driveways, roofs, concrete stoops, patios, even swimming pools - and for commercial property owners and HOA's - alleys, parking lots and sidewalks... all added up to tabulate each tax bill.

Montgomery County, Prince George's County and Howard County do it this way, and plan to continue despite the "repeal". That's because the law only removed the REQUIREMENT that counties charge the tax. It didn't say they couldn't.

Montgomery County collected more than $24 million dollars in rain tax last year. That's a lot to give up.
Yep, it was all about the money. It's part of Maryland tradition. Needs come and go, but taxes are forever. Linked as "post of the day" at Pirate's Cove "If All You See. . ."

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