Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Army Achieves 100+ % Failure Rate

War Against Human Nature: 100% Failure
Instead of training to fight America’s enemies, the United States Army has been ordered to engage in a war against human nature:
All eight female soldiers who survived the initial days of the first-ever Army Ranger School course to include women failed to make it to the second phase, but can still try again and pass, Army officials said Friday.
The women were attempting the famously difficult 62-day course as the Pentagon weighs which combat jobs women will be allowed to hold in the future. Army officials at Fort Benning, Ga., said that 115 men in the class had moved on to Ranger School’s second phase — mountaineering at Camp Merrill, Ga. — but that eight women and 101 men will be left behind at Fort Benning, Ga., to attempt Phase One again.
Top Pentagon leaders dropped a longtime ban on women in combat units in January 2013, but gave the services until later this year to seek exceptions and provide justification. . . .
About 35 male soldiers who attempted Phase One with the women failed to meet standards that would allow them to repeat, and will be sent back to their units, Army officials said. . . .
The Ranger class began April 20 with 19 women and 380 men. They where whittled down to eight women and 184 men after the initial, grueling four-day Ranger Assessment Phase, known as “RAP Week.”
Doing the math here: Of the 380 men who entered, 48% completed RAP Week. Of the 19 women who entered, 42% finished RAP Week. Of those who survived RAP Week, 63% of males advanced to Phase Two, whereas the failure rate of females was 100%


Believe it or not, that statistic is actually inadequate to describe how badly this social engineering experiment failed. It’s worse than 100% failure, as will be explained, but first permit me to quote the introduction to Sex Trouble:
Let's just skip over that and get to how the failure is greater than 100:
How could the failure rate of females in Ranger School be worse than 100%? Because these 19 women were handpicked as human guinea pigs in this experiment, and some were given special preparation, as an anonymous Army lieutenant explained in an online military forum:
I’m gathering that you are trying to make a point against the people who disagree with GI [gender integration] and ranger school. So, here’s my personal response.
I honestly know that some (not all) of the females who are going through right now were treated favorably in order to be better prepared for Ranger School. And “favorably” is a very conservative way of putting it. For example: multiple opportunities to pass RTAC; training in-between RTAC cycles to get better prepared to complete RTAC; training by an RI (not from RTB or RTAC) to get better prepared for Ranger School; PT plans focused on RAP week events and weapons training. All of this took place on the the governments dime at Ft. Banning and they did not have duty obligations back at their units. I’m sure all Ranger students would love to be put on active duty orders (if guard or reserve) or separated from their daily duties to strictly prepare for Ranger school. At the end of the day, they needed this preparation in order to have a good shot at passing rap week in ranger school.
Look folks, we belong to a sexually dimorphic species. Males are on average much larger, much stronger, and thanks to higher testosterone levels, more able to build muscle in response to exertion and more aggressive.  Yes, we are an adaptable species, and in a pinch, women can pick up a spear or a gun and kill an invader, and a man can comfort a sick baby, but without thinking about it, we have for centuries organized countless societies based on sexual differentiation.

As a wise man once said: "Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig."

If you really want to kill people and break things, there's nothing like a man for the job.

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