Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wombat's Thursday News Feed

A quick run through the early morning news from Wombat-socho's "Live at FiveSix: 05.14.15"

EU Proposes Quota System To Address Migration Crisis, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic signal opposition to proposal - We need to hurry the destruction of Europe at the hand of outsiders as an object lesson to what could happen here.

Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester: Never Been Dumped - Why have I never heard of her? "Gossip Girl?" Oh yeah.

AP Estimates Train In Deadly Philadelphia Crash Was Going 107 MPH
Engineer “has absolutely no recollection” of crash, says lawyer - Meanwhile Democrats arguments that it's all the fault of Republicans for not spending enough money on Amtrak are getting increasingly strained.

Homeland Security Doesn’t Know WTF, DHS IG John Roth reveals sinister ineptitude of ICE, Can’t say how many illegals being released under Obama policies, sometimes turns illegals loose without knowing criminal history - Why it's almost like they would prefer not to know "Don't turn on the lights 'cause I don't wanna see".

Martin O’Malley To Announce May 30 - If his assignment is too make Hillary look moderate, he's likely to succeed.

Duke Energy Pleads Guilty To Clean Water Act Violations, Fined $102 Million - Under the new EPA water rules, this will be the fate of all corporations that do not support the regime.

Lindsay Lohan Finally On The Job  - Had to dodge the paparazzi to get to her community service job. I do have some sympathy.

Global Gold Demand Plateaus In Q1 As Chinese Buying Falls It's pretty cheap now anyhow; maybe it's time to buy?

Feds Open Inquiry On Student Loan Services - Create the problem, and then sue everyone in sight for following your lead.

Microsoft Rolling Out Nine Kinds Of Windows 10? - Aaargh; my computer spent over a half hour updating Windows this morning. I don't want to even think about Windows 10.

Pink To Body-Shamers: “I Don’t Take Well To Bullying”
America’s Supply Of IP Addresses About To Run Out - How can you run out of arbitrary numbers? I sense another "Millennium Bug."

Chinese Soldiers Banned From Wearing Smartwatches - So they know how to track them all and assume we do to.

The Last Days Of North Korea’s Defense Chief - Why, oh why doesn't the military take out Kim Jong-Un? Can't they find anybody better

Vatican Recognizes Palestinian State In New Treaty - Sorry Catholics; Your new Pope is a flake. Better luck next time around.

Portia De Rossi Opens Up About Early Struggles With Bulimia - Was that pun intended? If so, good job. It made me wanna barf.

Iraq Releases Video Of Airstrike Said To Have Killed Deputy ISIS Commander - Nothing like a little war porn in the morning.

Kerry To Get Tough With Chinese Over South China Sea - I'm sure he will. Probably have Jen Psaki tweet something awesome.

Ten Arrested In China For Poaching Giant Panda - I just want to know how they taste.

Martha Stewart and Blake Lively
Martha Stewart Assesses Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, And Jessica Alba’s Businesses - Do their business plans include staying out of jail? Not that I don't think Martha was railroaded.

Lots's of bloggy stuff, too. A taste:

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