Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Flooding Down in Texas

All the telephone lines are down: Floodwaters rise in Houston; search goes on for 30 missing
Floodwaters kept rising Tuesday across much of Texas as storms dumped almost another foot of rain on the Houston area, stranding hundreds of motorists and inundating the famously congested highways that serve the nation's fourth-largest city.

Meanwhile, the number of people missing in flooding along the Blanco River rose to more than 40, including a group of people who disappeared after a vacation home was swept down the river and slammed into a bridge.

Several more fatalities were reported — two in Houston, another in a vehicle on Interstate 45 and one more in Central Texas. That brought to 16 the number of people killed by the holiday weekend storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

The water continued rising overnight as about 11 more inches of rain fell, much of it in a six-hour period.

Firefighters carried out more than 500 water rescues, most involving stranded motorists. And at least 2,500 vehicles were abandoned on the streets by drivers seeking higher ground, said Rick Flanagan, Houston's emergency management coordinator.
Of course, this is unprecedented, and indubitably due to Global Warming.

Song from 1958:

Stevie Ray stayed pretty close to the original.

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