Friday, May 15, 2015

Wombat's Friday Fodder

Nuggets of news from Wombat-socho's "Live at Five: 05.15.15." Hey, that's a pretty good poker hand.

Amtrak CEO: Railroad Takes Full Responsibility For Crash, NTSB says train accelerated from 70 to 100 in last minutes before crash - No doubt on secret orders from the Koch brothers.

Wreckage Of Marine Helicopter Found In Nepal, Nepal’s military has no other details; team being sent to recon wreckage - 8 heroes presumed dead, 6 American Marines, and 2 Nepalese soldiers on a rescue mission.

Natalie Portman To Play Jackie Kennedy In New Biopic - I don't seen it, but then I'm not in the target demographic.

Boehner Wangs Reporter: Blaming GOP For Amtrak Accident “Stupid” - But that's their job, to be stupid shills for the Democrats; but it is good to the them being called on it publicly.

House Scraps Illegals’ Path To Military Service - What part of illegal don't they understand?

FL Gov. Scott Aids Craft Brewers, Ends “Growler War” - Good, government getting out of the way

Sean Penn On The Sidelines As Charlize Shines At Cannes - As he should be, for all things. TANJ.

Gowdy Blames State Dept. For Holding Up Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony - Yes, but why is this news?

Russ Feingold Looking For 2016 Rematch With Ron Johnson - He should be disqualified for McCain-Feingold alone.

House Passes Defense Bill, Obama Threatens Veto  - Increases defense spending, hold sequester on domestic. What's $612 billion among friends?

How Tinder Influenced Hilary Duff’s New Music Video - I don't really care, but she is a former Rule 5 winner subject. . .

Netflix In Talks To Take Content To China - I'm sure they'll appreciate Mr. Wu from Deadwood.

Dairy Queen Taking Sodas Off Kids’ Menu - But just off the listing. They can still get a soda. Appearances are everything.

Reddit Would Appreciate It If You All Stopped Being Horrible To Each Other - But what's the fun in that?

Victoria’s Secret Models Take Over Turks & Caicos - Could they do any worse than run-of-the-mill politicians?

Dascha Polanco
OITNB Star Reveals The Biggest Perk Of Prison - Dascha Polanco - "You don’t have to wear Spanx" but she probably should.

China, India Pledge To Cool Border Dispute - Oh goody, a fight between the world's two largest powers? What could go wrong?

Al-Nusra Re-Emerging As Key Rebel Faction In Syria - That Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy sure is paying big dividends, eh?

US Navy Patrols May Force China To Clarify Claims To South China Sea Islands - May being the operative word. Do we really think Obama and/or Kerry have the balls?

Gwenyth Paltrow
At least her mother loves her. - Blythe Danner Defends Daughter Gwyneth Paltrow

ISIS Closing In On Ancient City Of Palmyra - And they took over Ramadi, too. Remember when Obama and Biden claimed the war in Iraq was won?  Good times!

60 Killed (Mostly Jihadis) As Nigerian Troops, Boko Haram Clash - The Nigerians take it seriously. The US sends hash tags.

Bloggy Stuff:

Look, Boobies!
Twitchy: No, Fox News Didn’t Censor Picasso’s “Women Of Algiers” - Too good to check.

American Power: Hard Rain Hits Southern California - Hey, it rained a few times when I lived there, too.

American Thinker: Forks, Washington And The Spotted Owl - Tastes just like Dodo, trust me.

Don Surber: Name That Party – Child Porn Edition - Yep, same old game.

He was trying to copy this.
Jammie Wearing Fools: “Hide Hillary” Strategy Backfiring - I hope this isn't just wishful thinking.

The Jawa Report: Ministry Of Boobies, Slacker Edition - Workman like job, Howie!

The Lonely Conservative: CFPB Warns Lenders Not To Discriminate Against Welfare Recipients - I mean, why wouldn't you want to lend money to people who can't afford to pay rent or buy their own food?

Weasel Zippers: James Taylor Slobbers Over Obama As Greatest President Ever - Former heroin addicts are not noted for their good judgement.

Megan McArdle: Save The Pensions – No Sudden Moves, Please - Stop being so damned sensible, Megan.

Mark Steyn: “Problem Populations”, Here And There - Hate speech in the Academy. From the left, the only side allowed.

Wombat-socho puts up "Rule 5 Sunday: Last Dance In Washington" on time and within budget.

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