Friday, May 22, 2015

Looking Under the Seat Cushions at

Clinton Foundation reveals up to $26 million in additional payments
The Clinton Foundation reported Thursday that it has received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments from major corporations, universities, foreign sources and other groups.

The disclosure came as the foundation faced questions over whether it fully complied with a 2008 ethics agreement to reveal its donors and whether any of its funding sources present conflicts of interest for Hillary Rodham Clinton as she begins her presidential campaign.

The money was paid as fees for speeches by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Foundation officials said the funds were tallied internally as “revenue” rather than donations, which is why they had not been included in the public listings of its contributors published as part of the 2008 agreement.
"Small change can often be found under seat cushions." - One of many useful hints from the Notebooks of Lazarus Long.

Speaking of small change: The Clinton Foundation dramatically undercounts contributions from a Clinton campaign donor’s group
Hillary Clinton will raise campaign money next week from a high-dollar donor to her family’s foundation, but the foundation’s donor records fail to account for hundreds of thousands of dollars of his group’s contributions.

Florida trial lawyer Ira Leesfield will host Clinton at his home in Miami’s posh Coconut Grove neighborhood for a fundraiser next week, Politicoreports. He is the latest in a long line of Clinton Foundation donors to financially support the former secretary of state’s presidential bid.

Leesfield has donated between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to its website. His group, the Leesfield Family Charitable Foundation, is also a minor donor, the website says, having given $1,000 to $5,000.

However, documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service show that the Leesfield Foundation’s support is far higher than Clinton Foundation donor disclosures claim. In 2013 alone, Leesfield’s group gave the Foundation $75,000. It gave at least $200,000 from 2006 to 2013, those filings reveal.

The group’s 2014 IRS filings are not yet publicly available, but information on its website suggests that it continued to financially support Clinton’s foundation.
The Clintons are congenital liars and con artists, making a serious bid to supplant the Kennedys as the United States great political criminal gangs.

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