Monday, October 20, 2014

Fanatic Fem Finds "Frozen" Insufficiently Feminist

The Insufficient Man-Hating of ‘Frozen’
. . .Now, in case you missed all the hooplah over Frozen, it’s the feminist propaganda cartoon that can make the nipples of a Bryn Mawr College Women’s Studies major become erect with ideological arousal. To read the orgasmic feminist praise for Frozen, you would imagine that the script was written by Katharine MacKinnon, based on a novel by Andrea Dworkin. The enthusiastic encomiums that feminists heaped onFrozen convinced me that Karin Martin and Emily Kazyak must have been hired as script consultants (see “Feminists Worry That Disney Movies Are Making Girls Heterosexual” if you didn’t get that joke). At last, it seemed, Disney had made a film in which patriarchal oppression and the male gaze had been replaced with androgynous egalitarianism.
What gay girls can get out of “Frozen”—
A Queer Perspective on Disney’s Frozen— Daily Kos
8 Ways Frozen Is Disney’s Gayest Animated Film Yet— Eric Diaz

When a conservative Mormon grandmother criticized Frozen as an example of “the gay agenda,” she was widely mocked, but even those who mocked her agreed: Frozen is gayer than the first four rows at a Melissa Etheridge concert. How gay is it? It’s gayer than a Bette Midler Fan Club fundraiser for the Tammy Baldwin re-election campaign.

Frozen‘s metaphysical gayness is not an opinion, but an objective fact. The difference between the conservative Mormon grandmother’s view of Frozen and the LGBT-friendly media’s interpretation of the film was simply a matter of whether you are (a) a liberal who thinks a gay/feminist propaganda cartoon for kiddies is a good thing or (b) a sane normal person who thinks this is a bad thing.
If I understand the plot, that picture on the right is not only gay, it's incestual. They told me if we allowed gay marriage, incest would stay forbidden. I'm beginning to have doubts.
Yet Frozen wasn’t feminist enough for Dani Colman:
I have made absolutely no secret of how much I disliked Disney’sFrozen. I hated it. I spent most of the movie alternately facepalming, groaning, and checking my watch . . .
It was, therefore, a huge surprise to me just how many people lovedFrozen. Not just loved, but slavered over it. Critics have been downright competitive in their effusiveness, calling it “the best Disney film since The Lion King”, and “a new Disney classic”. Bloggers and reviewers alike are lauding it as “feminist”, “revolutionary”, “subversive” and a hundred other buzzwords that make it sound as though Frozen has done for female characters whatBrokeback Mountain did for gay cowboys. And after reading glowing review after glowing review, taking careful assessment of all the points made, and some very deep navel-gazing about my own thoughts on the subject, I find one question persists:
Were we even watching the same film?
You can read the whole thing, but notice what Colman says, just before listing a scoreboard of romantic endings in Disney films:
I’m now counting out every feature with a love story that ends in a happily ever after. A traditional, heterosexual happily ever after, I should qualify, though it’s not like Disney is likely to actually attempt a same-sex love story any time soon. Or ever. [Emphasis added] . . .
Really, the level of discourse in the United States is where we worry about whether a Disney movie aimed at little girls is sufficiently gay?

I confess, I have not seen "Frozen" and that might be amusing since I have spent not a few hours playing watching the Demi Lovato video for "Let it Go", complete with movie cuts, and Demi herself shedding some clothes (apparently signaling her indifference to the cold, or men, or both), playing along with the guitar, as a woman in our band would like to sing it.

It's not as unpleasant as, say, 15 minutes on the elliptical, or 4 sets of 15 on the bicep machine.

She's not the worst singer, and she's kind of cute, even if she is courting the gay market by hinting that she might be lesbian, which might explain why she's going the chunky route.  It's not her fault the lyrics are kind of hokey.

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