Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wombat's Wednesday Tips

A quick peruse through Wombat-socho's "Live at Five: 10.29.14."

Kaci Hickox Won’t Obey Maine Ebola Quarantine“Does not believe she’s a risk to others”

As I said yesterday, I think she's a heroine for going to Africa to treat Ebola patients. But that doesn't give her the moral authority to put the rest of us at risk. The recent history of medical workers coming back to the states with Ebola, breaking quarantine "guidelines" and going out into the community, and then coming down sick is disturbing at best. As liberals like to say in other contexts, "government is the things we agree to do together."

Internal Memo Pushes Bringing Non-Citizens To US For Ebola Treatment; State Denies Plan

Sounds to me like one of those things they'll keep denying until Nov. 15, and then present it as fait accompli.

Investigator In Secret Service Whore Scandal Probe Resigns After Being Implicated In Own Incident

It sort of seems like everything the Obama administration touches just naturally turns to shit, but this may just be the Peter Principle in action.

It's a shame, but it happens. Movie stars are real people too, and subject to the same random cruelty of nature that the rest of us are.

Heather Graham: “It’s Fun To Be A Little Daring” Goes Without Underwear in a Sheer Skirt.

Because we know how well that worked out for Brittany and Paris. But I guess, once you've done your nude movie (NSFW), there's not a lot of mystery left.

Wombat-socho's Rule 5 Sunday is Absolutely 100% Lena Dunham Free, thank goodness.

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