Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Fear and Loathing on Chesapeake Bay

Maryland Sea Grant's house propaganda organ, the Chesapeake Quarterly has a special issue on sea level rise in the Bay region, featuring several pictures of the lost house on Holland Island that I hadn't seen before.  It has 15 separate articles on various facets of sea level rise, all from the point of view that we desperately need to shut down civilization (or at least curtail it sharply) to avoid the inevitable.

Introduction: How Much Will Sea Level Rise?

The Antarctic Connection

As the Land Sinks

What's Happening to the Gulf Stream?

The Perfect Surge: Blowing Baltimore Away

Snapshots from the Edge

The Future of Blackwater Marsh

A Burden on Communities of Color

Vanished Chesapeake Islands

When Sandy Came to Crisfield

If Katrina Came to Washington

Armor, Adapt, or Avoid?

Early Warnings from Smith and Tangier Islands

Norfolk: Navy on the Leading Edge

Living Shorelines Meet Rising Seas

Nourishing Our Coastal Beaches

Although I couldn't bring myself to wade through the whole soggy mess, I'm fairly confident there's at least one graph they did not present:

Come to think of it, they probably didn't use this one either:

Which, together show a long, slow consistent sea level rise, with no evidence for a sudden acceleration due to CO2 caused global warming.

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