Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another Day, Another Beach Report

We went down around 11 PM to get the best part of the low tide.  Another lovely fall day here, clear, mid 60s, breezy to the point of blowing sand around a bit. I was comfortable in short sleeves. Those days will get few and far between soon.

There was a pair of Mute Swans hanging around the jetty today. You can tell they're Mutes because of the orange bill and the big "forehead." Considered a dangerous invasive species in Maryland, DNR has been working to cut their populations, rather successfully, in fact. Still pretty cool looking.

Ospreys have been rather scarce of late, and I was pretty convinced ours had left for their southern fishing holes.  However, a pair drifted by today, and I even got a tolerable picture of one.  Migrants on their way from further north, perhaps?
It was a pretty decent day for fossil hunting; we managed 17 in all, including one nice Snaggletooth that Georgia found.

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