Monday, October 27, 2014

October Butterfly Bonanza

Still another gorgeous Fall day here, clear and sunny with a brilliant blue sky, temperatures hovering in the mid 60s, and a brisk, but tolerable breeze.  I went out after errands and lunch to check out the Butterfly Bush, which is still blooming a little and found seven different species of butterfly:

1) American Lady
 2) Ocala Skipper
 3) Painted Lady
4) Common Buckeye  (sharing a raceme with a Painted Lady)
 OK, I'll give it one of it's own.
5) Monarch.  We've been seeing a steady trickle of them, a few a day, presumably on their way south to the south for winter.
Another shot of a Painted Lady.  Do you see the Ailanthus Webworm Moth that snuck into the photo while I wasn't looking?
 6) Sachem skipper
7) Clouded Sulphur. The white form (we also see the yellow form).

I was kind of impressed to find so many this late in the year.

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