Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beach Report 10/19/14

We got a relatively early start to the beach this morning, to hit an 11 AM low tide.  It's a typical fall day here, bright, clear, cool (low 50s), and very windy, 20-25 from the NNW, fast enough to move sand on the gusts.
I was surprised to find butterflies in the dunes, given the low temperature. In addition to this Variegated Fritillary, desperately sunning itself in an attempt to stay warm, I also spooked a couple of Common Buckeyes.
We saw quite a few empty Horseshoe Crab shells washed up on the beach. They seem to have a major molt about this time of year, and lots of the shell wash up. They make pretty good souvenirs, if you wash out the loose sand, and let them dry.
My favorite brand of beer.  Free.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pick it up on the way back. It may still be there, if you're interested.
There was a large flock of gulls working on bait offshore. I assume that Striped Bass or maybe little blues were pushing the bait up to where the birds could get at them. I console myself with the knowledge that they are probably really small stripers.
Other than these people and the dog, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

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