Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oregon First Lady Admits to Pot Production Plan

Last week Oregon's First Mistress, Cylvia Hayes, admitted to allegations that she collected $5000 from an illegal immigrant for a sham marriage for immigration fraud.  This week her past continues to come back and haunt her, as she reveals she was involved in a scheme to grow marijuana in Washington back in the same era:
Cylvia Hayes at a news conference in Portland, Ore

Cylvia Hayes admits planning illegal marijuana grow
Less than a week after admitting she illegally married an Ethiopian immigrant in 1997, Oregon's first lady confessed to planning an illegal marijuana operation with another man that same year.

"There were marijuana trimmings on the table," said Patrick Siemion, who sold the property to Cylvia Hayes. "They had drilled holes in the walls of the log house for the irrigation tubes."

Hayes, the fiancee of Governor John Kitzhaber, said she was living on the property with her then boyfriend in Okanogan, Washington, near the border of Canada, for the purpose of growing and selling marijuana.

"Last Thursday, I admitted that 17 years ago I was in the middle of a very difficult and unstable period of my life. I said then, and I'll say again... I was associating with the wrong kind of people and making mistakes," Hayes told KGW Monday night.

"I am not proud of that brief period of time," Hayes said. "I was involved in an abusive relationship with a dangerous man. We lived together for several months on the property in Okanogan that was intended to be the site of a marijuana grow operation that never materialized."
What, Washington? That's stupid, we all know the best dope is grown in Humboldt County, California! Although, to be fair, the Willamette River Valley in Oregon is a close competitor.

With trimmings on the table, it sort of belies the notion that nothing ever came of the grow. I suspect a little shading of the truth may be going on here.

Still, having an ex-choom dealer in the Governor's Mansion in Springfield wouldn't be the worst thing. At least she has some experience in private enterprise.

As of today, her official First Lady of Oregon website is still on line.

Hat tip to Wombat-socho for the lead in "Live at Five: 10.14.14."

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