Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Beach Report, 9/27/14

A perfect day for a walk on the beach, sunny, a little less than 70 F and warming, with a slight north wind, a touch of chop (declining) and a dead low tide.
Not too many more sun bathing days left.
Crabbing is in full swing. September and October are big months in the crab harvest, and demand is down now that the mid-summer crab fest period.  If you want crabs, now is a good time.
Speaking of crabs, the annual fall molt of the Horseshoe crabs has begun; we saw several empty shells like this one scattered around the beach. If you want a souvenir from the beach, these work pretty well.  Rinse most of the sand out through the slit in the front lip where the crab escaped (you can't get it all), and pose it however you'd like it and let it dry.  The joints will get hard, and keep the pose. No smell!
A bit of butterfly action.  I found this Common Buckeye in the dunes near the parking lot . . .
And this Painted Lady on a Goldenrod plant near the cliff.  A Monarch floated overhead at one point, and I think I heard "Time to vamanos, muchachos."
On a side note, both Eagles and Ospreys spotted, but not photographed.  I'm trying to keep track of when the Ospreys actually depart.

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