Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Curses, Fooled Again!

Angela Basset as a 3 breasted woman in "American Horror Story"
Remember the three breasted woman from Wednesday's 6 AM wake up call?  It seems highly likely that was faked (I'm sure you're shocked):
The Tampa, Fla. woman who claimed to have had plastic surgery to add a third breast apparently made the entire thing up.

The woman, who goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, was reportedly discovered to have faked the plastic surgery after TMZ obtained a police report filed by Tridevil after her bag was stolen at Tampa International Airport.

TMZ reports that the bag was stolen off of an American Airlines conveyor belt and a "3 breast prosthesis" was found inside by police after they recovered the bag.
Pretty amazing coincidence that her bag was stolen off the conveyor belt after she came forward as the amazing three breasted boob, don't you think?

Three Breasted Woman from "Total Recall", rated PG 13.
Ace hinted this might be true yesterday:
You can watch WTSP's video here. She briefly lifts up her shirt to show the guy the same "trikini" (as Anna Puma calls it) we see her in a lot.

There, the reporter says that a plastic surgeon told him you couldn't do this operation, even if you wanted to-- there's just no "flesh envelope" on the sternum which can serve as a pocket for an implant.

I think he's saying it's like trying to put a breast implant on your knee.
But let's hold out hope that the "3 breast prosthesis" that was found in her luggage was merely for practice. Wombat-socho is celebrating Rule Five Sunday on Monday this week.

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