Sunday, September 21, 2014

You Must Be Putting Me On

By way of Wombat-socho's morning "Live at Five: 09.20.14", news that someone is nostalgic for the old day:

Qwerkywriter Mechanical USB Keyboard Looks Like an Old Typewriter
It must have been something, beating on the keys of an old fashioned typewriter all day long, hearing that ding and shoving the mechanism back.
Yes, it is something. A complete and total pain in the ass. Having achieved the high honor of getting a D (+) from Miss Davis, my typing teacher in 9th, who was utterly dismayed that I might not achieve a secretarial job after high school because of my inability to avoid looking at my fingers while I type (a nasty habit I still confess to indulging in from time to time, and my inability to get beyond 60 wpm, and having spent many hours typing papers on a mechanical typewriter, I was one of the early adopters of word processing technology, writing my PhD dissertation on an Apple II+ computer, and printing it out to the exacting specifications of the nasty women in the grad school office. I have no nostalgia for typewriters (although, we may still have one stashed somewhere, hoping for Mike and Frank to drop by and take off our hands for a few cents.
It is a mechanical USB keyboard from game developer Brian Min. The design and feel is obviously inspired by vintage typewriters.This 84-key keyboard really is quite lovely, sporting that old time look mixed with a modern low profile, and since it uses high quality Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, it should have a wonderfully clicky sound when used. 
A totally annoying sound:

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