Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Starts at the Beach

Our first "fall" beach walk, since we didn't make it yesterday. 59 F and breezy, 10-15 mph from the northeast, but mostly sunny, it was the first day I since June that I felt I wanted long sleeves.
There was only one other person on the beach with us today on the entire stretch up past the cottages (about 2 miles), this woman, who was also hunting sharks teeth.  Is that dirt on her legs and feet?
 Nope, it's a veritable constellation of stars. Are they tattoos or just pen and ink?  From the smearing, I'm wondering.
The usual feathered crowd was out and about, though, the Ospreys. . .
The scruffy looking juvenile eagle (this one is worth looking at full size).
And, maybe, Mom or Dad standing by watching.
And a trio of peeps (Semipalmated Sandpipers) who were so busy eating they let us walk right up on them several times.
Just passing by on their way to South America or the Caribbean.
Back at the dunes, I found this Gray Hairstreak trying to sun itself, and I got this relatively rare full on top shot of it.
After it spooked to a new leaf, I got the more traditional side on shot.

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