Thursday, September 18, 2014

Generic Chesapeake Bay Post

Mostly overcast today, but calm, with some light rain
I don't really know where to go on this; all the articles on the Bay today are, well, to put it bluntly, boring:

Chesapeake Bay efforts working but challenges lurking - We're working to fix the bay, but those damn people keep trying to live here.

Choptank study to assess benefits of restoring oyster reefs - Reporter and scientist waste each other's time.

Environmental group gives Nanticoke a C+ rating - About right; too low and people will think it's hopeless, too high and they'll think you're done, and they don't need to pay anymore.
A little yellow warbler of some sort. . .

Decades of coal ash pollution leaking Into Potomac - Lots of purple prose, but no evidence it actually caused any harm. 

Thriving city garden demonstrates ways to keep stormwater out of the sewers - They certainly can't hurt, but they're not the answer. Cities need to spend more money on their own shit.

Wild grapes are ripe now. They make lousy wine. Small but sour

Broken Sewer Pipe to Blame for Tainted Water in Creek - Case in point.

'Rain tax' dithering - Can't collect enough taxes? Tax the rain. Besides, it shouldn't be called the rain tax, it should be called the shit tax.

Near the dock of the Chesapeake Bay sits Calvert Marine Museum: Not far by car - Shush please, let that remain one of our little secrets.

Campbell Foundation’s executive director to retire - If you really need people to say nice things about you, give away a whole lot of someone else's money.

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