Monday, September 22, 2014

Canadian Taliban Object to Lady Sports Fans

Woman in Whitecaps video baffled by sexism controversy (with video)
Emily Guedes had no intention of becoming the centre of a social-media firestorm when she attended a Vancouver Whitecaps’ soccer game with two friends earlier this season.

Footage of the three young women cheering in the stands at BC Place Stadium was used in a promo video posted on the team’s YouTube and Instagram accounts on Wednesday. The video proved popular online and Guedes, a Port Moody resident, drew comparisons to former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, who was discovered at a B.C. Lions’ game 25 years ago.

In the slow-motion video, Guedes — wearing a white tank top and holding a beer — jumps with her arms extended in the air as she follows the action on the field.

The team pulled the video within hours of it being posted after some fans complained it was sexist and misogynistic in nature.
The video in question?

Much nicer than Pam Anderson. And Emily was rather pissed that it was pulled:
Guedes, meanwhile, is incredulous to the idea that there is anything misogynistic contained in the 18-second slow-motion video of her cheering on her favourite team.

“What’s misogynistic is the fact that men are in the videos — and kids cheering for (the Whitecaps) — but not a couple of women,” Guedes said. “I am not offended by the video but (I am) adamantly offended by their removal of it.”

Guedes isn’t an actress or model. She’s a season-ticket holder who goes to every game.
Ann Althouse said she showed "tremendous restraint." Would the feminists prefer that women wear burkas to sports events?

Wombat-socho is celebrating Rule Five Sunday on Monday this week.

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