Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning Soaring at the Beach

 A good, springlike Easter morning here in the "Land of Pleasant Living", breezy from the east, temperatures pushing 60, mostly sunny.
A good day for the raptors to soar.  There were two Osprey's putting on a show, hovering overhead, and diving to catch fish.  This one seems to have misplaced a flight feather.  I saw at least one eagle too; a juvenile.  We haven't seen any in a while.
Daffodils in bloom on the side of the cliff mark old gardens that have slid down the face.
What's that over the trees?  Eagle?  
 Nope.  About once a year, someone comes to use our cliffs to soar in hang gliders, and today was the day.  There were two.
I just like the photo...

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