Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beach Report: Five Ospreys and a Knife

Georgia and I took a brief semi-respite from the rain to take a quick stroll on the beach.  Upon getting out of the car, an Osprey flew over our head carrying a fish.  Further out, four more were jockeying for space and making osprey noises, all apparently eyeing the same patch of water for a fish of their own.  You can barely see the four in the photo if you click on it to see it full size.
 Georgia watching the Ospreys
It was a pretty short walk, since we couldn't pass the stream at Calvert Beach without getting our feet wet.  Just before leaving the beach, I saw a glint of metal in the surf, and picked this up. A Buck 110T folding field knife. A quick rinse at home removed all the sand; I was surprised how none got stuck in the folding mechanism, and except for a little coloring of the brass bolsters, and a couple very small rust stains on the blade, it's in perfect shape. A bit heavy to carry routinely, though, at 7 ounces.

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