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Obamacare Schadenfreude: "It's Going to Hit the Fan"

A bit of new Obamacare Schadenfreude that has surfaced after the eggs were all rolled and collected, and the Easter dinners safely digested.

Dem Congressman on Obamacare: It’s ‘Going to Hit the Fan’

Repeal is now impossible, he says, because of the number of Americans who’ve signed up for the law’s exchanges. Democrats will take big political hits on the law this fall anyway, Lynch said.

“We will lose seats in the House,” he said. “I am fairly certain of that based on the poll numbers that are coming out from the more experienced pollsters down there, and I think we may lose the Senate.”
MSNBC Host offers the democrats advice on how to deal with angry constituents: “You can’t keep your crappy plan! Just deal with that!”

Yes, elections have consequences. You allowed Obama and the democrats to cotrol both houses.  You should have anticipated them to screw it up.

The relevant quote is at about 3:30.

Speaking of the vast successes of Obamacare: Insurer Admits Nearly 1,000 Doctors Wrongly Placed On Covered California Provider List
Two months after KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch first reported about some doctors listed on the Covered California exchange were actually not accepting the plans, insurer Anthem Blue Cross admitted that nearly 1,000 doctors were erroneously listed.

According to a statement by the California Medical Association, the insurer recently notified 965 physicians that they were wrongly placed on the exchange’s list. The notice, which was posted on April 9th, stated that the doctors were “inadvertently” listed for “a certain period of time” during the open enrollment period.
Of course, since the width of the network is a very important selling point for insurance plans, this amounts to false advertizing on the part of the insurance company; in effect luring enrollees in with the prospect of doctors not covered in other plans.

Half of Georgia’s Insurance Enrollees Haven’t Paid Yet.
Whoops: Half of Georgia’s Insurance Enrollees Haven’t Paid Yet.

This seems rather important:
Georgia insurers received more than 220,000 applications for health coverage in the Affordable Care Act’s exchange as of the official federal deadline of March 31, state officials said Wednesday.
Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, though, said premiums have been received for only 107,581 of those policies, which cover 149,465 people.
“Many Georgians completed the application process by the deadline, but have yet to pay for the coverage,” Hudgens said in a statement Wednesday.
Half? Half? Sure, the nonpayment rates will be a lot lower in other places. But this indicates how much skepticism is warranted for the administration’s much-touted enrollment figures.
From the same article, the worse the state exchange, the more progressives approve:
A couple of lessons from this bit of polling research by Jonathan Easley at the Morning Consult: Healthcare.gov is uniquely and perhaps disproportionately disliked by survey respondents, and some people just tell pollsters what they want to be true, not what is actually true:
In a testament to how political affiliation potentially colors an individual’s view of the law, Morning Consult polling from November through April found that people reported more positive experiences in states with largely broken exchanges versus people who used the federal exchanges. And that includes states where the exchanges never were fully operational…
We separated states into three different groups to do this analysis. The “broken” state exchange group included Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon and Vermont. (While it is an inexact measurement, we put states where healthcare officials struggled throughout the enrollment period to fully launch their exchanges into the “broken” category.) The second group of states—those with relatively well running exchanges—included Washington, Rhode Island, New York, Kentucky, Colorado, Connecticut, California and the District of Columbia. All other states where included in our third group, as they used the federal exchange website to enroll customers.
Among these groups, you might expect the states with barely (or not-at-all) functioning exchanges to rank last when it comes to users’ experiences. But the federal exchanges took that spot in almost every measure. The poll has a margin of error of two percentage points, and approximately 2,000 interviews were conducted in each poll from November through April.
The analysis notes, “In the 2012 election, President Obama won all of our “broken” exchange states. That perhaps explains the rosier view voters in those states have of the law, even though the exchanges in many cases barely worked.” In other words, there’s a strong possibility some Obama voters declared their state health insurance exchanges to be success even when they personally experienced its failure.
Barack Obama and the politics of lies
That was quite a victory dance President Obama did Thursday while claiming Obamacare is “working” because eight million people have now supposedly signed up for the health care program. He even indulged in some less-than-subtle mockery of Republicans - and by extension the majority of Americans who have disapproved of Obamacare since before it became law. "The repeal debate is and should be over,” Obama said, taking a dig at Republicans who are “going through, you know, the stages of grief … anger and denial and all that stuff …”

But a president who is viewed by most Americans as less than honest has no business crowing about a victory that remains anything but obvious. And he certainly should not heap insults on people who for four years have profoundly disagreed with him on the wisdom of Obamacare. To put this as “less than honest” is to be charitable. What Fox News found in its most recent public opinion survey was that 61 percent of Americans believe Obama “lies” about important public issues either “most of the time” or “some of the time.” No other president in living memory has conducted himself in a manner that warranted even asking if such a description was appropriate.
The editorial writer must be a teenager. Slick Willy didn't get his sobriquet for nothing. And Mrs. Slick Willy will no doubt follow in his oversized footsteps given the opportunity.
It comes as no surprise today that Obama's defenders are sparing no invective for Fox Newsin the wake of that survey. But it was the president, not Fox News, who repeatedly and knowingly misled the American people with two infamous Obamacare lies: “You can keep your health insurance if you like it. Period. You can keep your doctor. Period.” For better or worse, Obama will forever be known as the president who chose repeatedly to propagate two falsehoods. Those two lies were profoundly significant because they were designed to hide the truth about how Obamacare would affect the daily lives and health of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Since it became painfully clear in 2013 that Obama had lied about Obamacare since 2009, it has been increasingly difficult for many Americans to continue accepting at face value his statements on other major public issues. In both the Benghazi and IRS scandals, for example, Obama claimed to have known nothing about them until they were reported in the national media.
The left wing media has even been more complicit with spackling over this Preznit's lies than they were with Clinton.

Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby
GOP's bid to take Senate moves to Oregon, which is ripe for ObamaCare attack
A Republican hasn't been elected to a statewide Oregon office in more than a decade. But Washington Republicans think they have the right candidate in Monica Wehby, a children's brain surgeon who's raised more than $1 million and who, like Republicans, has made her opposition to ObamaCare the centerpiece of the 2014 campaign.

The roughly $160 million Oregon-run ObamaCare website failed to properly enroll anybody nearly five months after its Oct. 1, 2013, start, despite officials having worked since 2002 on creating an exchange.

In the aftermath, top officials have resigned, the state is investigating and congressional Republicans have called for a probe.

On Sunday, a top Washington Democrat and Republican sparred over ObamaCare, the extent to which several Democrats seeking re-election are in political peril and whether the GOP hammering away almost exclusively at ObamaCare is a sustainable election strategy.

“Clearly ObamaCare is still the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 issues in this election,” Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee, told CNN’s “State of the Union.”
Prepare for the Democrats to vilely assault a woman brain surgeon as insufficiently attentive to women's issue.

I dearly love Oregon, but the state does have a few loose screws.

A bit of Twitter Humor from Stephen Green (the Vodka Pundit):

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