Monday, April 28, 2014

MD Charter Boat Hits Submerged Object, Sinks, All OK

42 Foot Charter Boats Headed to Eastern Shore From Ridge Sinks

On Monday, April 28, 2014 two local Charter Fishing Boats the “Eva Marie” and “Gerry C” left Durry’s Marina in Ridge headed to the Eastern Shore for a fishing Trip.

Once the arrived on the Eastern Shore, the 42 foot “Gerry C” struck something in the water causing the propeller to break away from the boat leaving an 18″ hole.

All the crew members and passengers were able to escape prior to the boat sinking.
The water temperature out there is around a chilly 60 F, so it would not be a good time to have to get in the water to flee a sinking boat.

Hitting an underwater obstruction is one of the few serious threats to boating here in the relatively kindly Chesapeake Bay.  Logs float with almost nothing visible, or get stuck in the sediments in shallow water protruding towards the surface.

It's good to hear that they got off the boat without problems, although it's a helluva a way to waste a good fishing day.

Hat tip to Barefoot.

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