Sunday, April 20, 2014

Still No Charges in Gibson Guitar Grab

More than two years after the agents of the Dept. of Homeland and Security and the Fish and Wildlife Service raided Gibson Guitars, claiming violation of the Lacey Act based on certain woods used in the fingerboards of their guitars, the feds have returned the wood, and not filed any charges against Gibson.

It has not escaped notice that the CEO of Martin Guitars, which uses the same woods in its guitar supported Preznit Obama in his 2012 election bid, while the CEO of Gibson is a Republican donor.

Because we know the enforcement arms of the federal government would never stoop to harassing or prosecuting people for their political contributions.  I now agree with Charles Krauthammer, who used to support full disclosure in political donation, but changed his mind after the IRS scandal. Democrats in power simply cannot be trusted not to use personal data against political foes.

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