Saturday, December 21, 2013

Warm December Beach Walk

Is it really late December? It was nearly 70 F by the time we finished errands and got to the beach.  A stiff wind from the SSE had absolutely no effect other than ruffling our hair.

People out on the beach in short sleeves, or even no sleeves!  That water is cold, though,  you wouldn't want to go wading very deep or long.

Georgia makes a new friend.

We didn't walk far, only to Matoaka Cottages and back, so the 21 shark's teeth we found were a pretty decent haul.  I found this fairly rare porpoise tooth (the small peg pointing up is the external part of the tooth, the huge curl down is the root).  Not much to look at, but a lot rarer than many shark's teeth.

Georgia found this jumbo Black Drum's tooth.

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