Thursday, December 19, 2013

Swans and Teeth at the Beach

It was a truly gorgeous day at the beach.  The wind was supposed to be 15 SSW when I set out and the temperatures racing towards 50, on their way to near 60.  The wind was not a factor, since it was coming off the land and barely stirred the Bay.
Georgia stayed behind to bake cookies and wait for packages to arrive, so I took the opportunity to make a really long walk out of it, going all the way up to Western Shores, about three miles up the beach.
It was a great day for finding sharks teeth, at least with my usual strategy of looking in the lapping wavelets.  When I cleaned out my pockets, I had 81 teeth at the end of the day.   This is one of the biggest and  nicest Snaggletooth symphyseal teeth I can ever remember.
Way up towards Western Shores, I found the swans, (Tundra Swans) hanging out in the shallows behind the sand bar.  Only three, two adults (solid white) and a cygnet (gray)
I haven't been up here much this year, but this seems like a very low number of swans.  We often have up to 10 or more in this area.  A bad year for swans on the tundra?

Among the  teeth I found this battered crocodile tooth,
and this Mako.

All in all, it was a pretty nice day, right up to the moment I tripped going through some brush, smacked my head into a branch, and cut my forehead in three places, and earned a small lump.

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