Saturday, December 28, 2013

Movie Review: The Desolation of Smaug

Not a bad movie. Lots of action and a plot that could almost have been recognized as something that might have been written by JRR Tolkien. If you understood that the director of the movie was someone who spoke very broken English and interviewed me about the book and then explained its plot to a third individual, who spoke a language that neither of us understood, via sign language and had that individual write the script.

The special effects were OK, but I still think that 3D movies are just a fad.
This was our first adventure with the new 3D films.  I'm glad the 3D trailers ahead of time allowed us some time to adjust to the effect before the film started; it was a little distracting at first, but at least I adapted pretty well.  I do think too much of the film was devoted to finding "cute" uses for the technique.

Tolkien purists cannot possibly find aspects of the movie to their liking; you might check out Ed Morrisey's  review for a more complete list of sins.  But that's sort of what happens when you decide to stretch a shortish, playful kids fantasy book into a three (long) episode dramatic saga.  You have to invent lots of stuff.

Kudos to Jackson for inventing Tauriel, the hot elf chick who slays spiders, wargs and orcs with the best of them, if the best of them is Legolas (who doesn't belong in the movie either), and casting her with "Losts" Evangeline Lilly:

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  1. I love 3D, but only for the right type of movie. When they start throwing all sorts of extra-crazy action in, it becomes headache time. The way they did it in Journey To The Center of The Earth was great.

    As for Smaug, I was major disappointed, hopefully the 3rd won't be destroyed. But, I don't know how they avoid making it dark, considering everything right up to the end is war and death and crazy.