Monday, December 16, 2013

Obama, IRS Set to Codify Tea Party Abuses

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel noted on Friday that Barack Obama and the IRS have a new plan to target Tea Party groups in advance of the 2014 elections.

During Thanksgiving week, the Treasury Department announced a proposal to limit the political activity of 501(c)(4) groups. The Obama Administration claimed that the plan was necessary to clarify confusing tax laws.

The House Ways and Means Committee investigators believe that the proposal was designed by examining Tea Party group applications, figuring out exactly how they proceeded, then limiting those very actions in the new proposal, thus shutting them out of the political process.

House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp said, “The committee has reviewed thousands of tax exempt applications. The new regulation so closely mirrors the abused tea-party group applications, it leads me to question if this new proposed regulation is simply another form of targeting.
I reiterate my "modest proposal" for the IRS and similarly agencies politicized by the Obama administration; strict affirmative action along political lines.  Fire half of the current staff and replace them with workers with a conservative outlook.  After that, maintain a strictly 50:50 ratio.

Paul Caron, the TaxProf blogger has been keeping a daily listing of IRS scandal news and links, which Instapundit links to daily.  It's important to keep this exposed, lest scandal fatigue causes it to slip from view.

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