Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rashida Jones: 2013 "The Year of the Very Visible Vagina"

Ripped from the rolls of Wombat-Socho's  LIVE AT FIVESIX: 12.09.13

Rashida Jones slams Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj

Nothing like a good mud wrestling match among bad girls!
Rashida Jones lashed out at the 'pornification of pop stars' in a recent essay for Glamour, calling out Miley Cyrus, Nicki MInaj, and Rihanna.

"If 1994 was the Year of O.J.'s White Bronco, 2013 was the Year of the Very Visible Vagina," the 37-year-old actress wrote, criticizing "the Miley Cyrus cross-continental twerk-athon and Nick Minaj's Halloween pasties. With the addition of Rihanna writhing on a pole in her 'Pour it Up' video and Lady Gaga's butt-crack cover art or the song that goes 'Do what you want with my body,' I was just done. I'd had enough."
I don't know about 2013 being the year of the very visible vagina, maybe just camel toe,  but if she is any indication it was the year of the very visible boobs, and I strongly approve.
"Let me say up front: I am not a prude. I love sex; I am comfortable with my sexuality," Jones continued, but protested that "every star interprets 'sexy' the same way: lots of skin, lots of licking of teeth, lots of bending over. I find this oddly…boring. Can't I just like a song without having to take an ultrasound of some pop star's privates?"

Before this post, I had no idea who Rashida Jones was, so at least this was an educational event.
What sparked Jones' explanation was a Twitter exchange, in which she advised celebrities to "#stopactinglikewhores" and was slammed for "slut-shaming" pop stars.

I'm almost speechless...  But I like stuffing, too.

Wombat-Socho got the master Rule 5 Sunday post up on "Rule 5 Monday" this week. 

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