Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cooties from Selfies?

. . .Samples from 30 states, including Texas, found a gene mutation in lice that turns it into a superbug and resistant to over-the-counter chemicals.

If that's not bad enough, there is also a new way adults and teens are getting it: selfies.
Lice used to be a childhood problem eventually outgrown, like when youngsters bumped heads as they played together in tight quarters.
There used to be an old way of showing how radioactive contamination works. Put a fluorescent white powder on a sign in sheet at a radiation safety seminar. At the end of the session, break out a UV light.  A similar approach might work here.
Now, as adults and teenagers almost constantly put their heads together while taking selfies, they’re unknowingly giving lice a new host on which to feed.

Loren Hickman works at Hair Fairies in Dallas, which specializes in lice removal. She says it's impossible to pinpoint exactly where someone gets lice.

However, Hickman says she's seen an uptick in the number of teens with lice who don't have siblings.

“They're holding the phone up, putting their head close to their friend,” said Hickman. “It only takes a second.”
Damn jumping lice. . .

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