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Jan 6, Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid 

In The Mailbox: 09.14.22 : The Other McCain
Durham Bombshell: FBI Paid Shady Russian Businessman as a Confidential Informant Against Trump – PJ Media
Durham: The FBI Had Danchenko on Payroll as An Informant During the Russian Collusion Investigation – JONATHAN TURLEY
Durham Drops a Stunning Revelation Regarding Igor Danchenko and FBI Corruption – RedState
Durham shocker: Danchenko was a paid FBI informant
John Durham Probe Appears to Be Wrapping Up As Grand Jury Term Expires
Althouse: "Now Mr. Durham appears to be winding down his three-year inquiry without anything close to the results Mr. Trump was seeking."
Ace of Spades HQ The Straight-Arrow Incorruptibles At the FBI Put Serial Liar and Suspected Russian Spy Igor Danchenko On Retainer as a Paid "Confidential Human Source" From 2017 to 2020
The FBI hunted down Mike Lindell and seized his phone - American Thinker
FBI Agents Surround My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell at Hardee’s Drive-Through in Minnesota; Seize His Cellphone › American Greatness
Why FBI Agents Jumped MyPillow's Mike Lindell at a Hardee's Drive-Thru
BREAKING: Search warrant shows Mike Lindell phone seized in identify theft, damage of protected computer investigation | The Post Millennial |
Mike Lindell, My Pillow Guy, Stopped By FBI, Phone Taken - Victory Girls Blog
Judge unseals additional portions of Mar-a-Lago affidavit | AP News
DOJ-NSD Frantic That Special Master Might Review IC Defined Classified Documents, Even if Trump Declassified, Because Sources and Methods - The Last Refuge
Merrick Garland stars in Joe Biden's 'The Godfather Part IV'
Capitol Police whistleblower memo lays out Jan. 6 'intelligence failures' on Pelosi watch | Just The News

General Election Folderol 

Democrats Are Quite Comfortable Being Violent Extremists – PJ Media
Biden Gets Hopelessly Confused and Lost During Remarks in Detroit – RedState
House Dems Target New Narrative 'Deniers' for Persecution – PJ Media
Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans, Even Most Democrats, Say Biden’s Attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’ Are Dividing The Country: Survey | The Daily Wire
DHS Chief Says Biggest Terror Threat is Americans Radicalized by ‘Online Narratives’ – Summit News
EXCLUSIVE: Swing District Democrat Hillary Scholten Was A Registered Lobbyist For Radical Immigration Group | The Daily Caller
Fetterman Mocked Oz For Owning 10 Properties. Fetterman Owns 8, But Didn’t Disclose Them. | The Daily Wire
Fetterman and the decay of a redundant Senate – HotAir
The Realities of Covering John Fetterman
NBC News accuses Greg Price of doctoring videos of John Fetterman to exacerbate his speech issues –
Stacey Abrams rewrites history on the View (Update) – HotAir
Crist calls Florida GOPgubernatorial opponent 'DeSatan' in surfaced video | Florida |
Democrat Charlie Crist’s Running Mate Effectively Mocks Special Needs Children As ‘Dysfunctional’ | The Daily Wire
Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard | Fox News
Heritage Steps Up In AZ Senate Race As McConnell Backs Out
Nevada Senate, gubernatorial races now dead heats – HotAir
Census: Biden Grows Foreign-Born Population to Highest Level Ever
‘Lack of Support From the Federal Government’: Democrats Still Changing to GOP Along the Border Over Immigration, Border Security
DC Bill Would Automatically Send Ballots To Unregistered People
Democrats Destroy Faith in Elections, but You Are a 'Threat to Democracy' – PJ Media
Las Vegas Democrat Accused of Murdering Journalist Smirks During Court Appearance

The Stupid Biden Economy, Stupid

Joe Biden Brings James Taylor to Celebrate 'Inflation Reduction Act' as Stock Market Plummets Over 1000 Points
Inflation: ‘Food at Home Index Rose 13.5 Percent Over the Last 12 Months, the Largest 12-Month Increase Since the Period Ending March 1979’
Ace of Spades HQ Karine Jean-Pierre Defends Biden Celebrating on White House Lawn as Inflation Melted Down the Stock Market: It Was a "Celebration for the American People"
'Positive Spin': Networks Isolate Biden From Blame for 'Disappointing' Inflation Report | Newsbusters
‘A Serious Inflation Problem’: Top Obama Economist Sounds The Alarm Over Prices As White House Celebrates | The Daily Wire
EBL: Inflation Meltdown: You have to give the Biden White House credit for bad timing!
"Biden is the Pay Cut President" – HotAir
Mortgage demand declines 29% from last year as rates eclipse 6%
Right on Cue, World's Second Largest Appliance Manufacturer Announces Earnings Collapse and Inventory Buildup as Consumer Sales Plummet - The Last Refuge
The Hot-and-Cold Economy - WSJ
Instapundit » Blog Archive » ANDY KESSLER: THE HOT & COLD ECONOMY: F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that “the test of a first-rate…
Arizona AG warns student loan borrowers shouldn't bank on Biden's handout: 'No president has that authority' | Fox Business
Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness May Lose More Votes Than It Buys – PJ Media
22 Governors Are Fighting Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
New York Times Employees Discover the Effects of Biden's 'Build Back Better'...and They Don't Like Them
Tick, tock, the railway strike clock counts down and Mayor Pete is nowhere around – HotAir
VIDEO: Watch Mandela Barnes Say World Must ‘Stymie Capitalism’ To Combat Climate Change
Who Will Save Americans From A Weaponized IRS? – Issues & Insights

The Culture Wars

Book tells parent to invite kids in bed while having sex - TheBlaze
Sixth Graders Protect Fellow Students From a Creepy Teacher – PJ Media
Jill Biden Thinks It's Un-American To Oppose Porn in School Libraries – PJ Media
Michigan Education Department’s Radical Gender Teacher Training
Slow-Motion Trans Wreck - The American Mind
A Detransitioner’s Perspective: Awakening from the Dream of Gender Utopia | Human Events |
The Secret Curriculum | Frontpage Mag
Ace of Spades HQ A Teacher Was Behaving Sexually Inappropriately Towards Sixth Grade Girls. Not A Single Adult Would Do Anything About It. But Their Sixth-Grade Boy Classmates Acted to Protect Them.
The Commies and Pedos Are Taking Over Our Schools. Now What? – PJ Media
Harvard Tells Students: ‘Using Wrong Pronouns’ Constitutes ‘Abuse’
Edgy! Tennessee Tech Hosts Campus Drag Show That Mocks Christianity | Frontpage Mag
Taylor Lorenz asks Libs of TikTok for help with a big story her colleague is working on about election fraud claims –
Ace of Spades HQ Fauci Refuses to Turn Over Records About His Coordination With Big Tech to Censor Dissidents
Judge removes progressive DA in Loudoun parent's school-board protest trial – HotAir
Judge Throws Soros-Backed Prosecutor Off Of Case Against Loudoun Rape Victim’s Father | The Daily Wire

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