Sunday, September 18, 2022

Beach Report 9/18/22

I've been remiss in providing beach reports lately, probably because the weather has been so good I really didn't want to share for fear of inviting the world into the neighborhood. Temperatures in the mid to high 70s, low humidity, blue skies and light SW winds.
Fossil hunting continues to be terrible. Only one tooth each (plus a Tilly bone and a crab claw)
Someone taking advantage of the fact that the Sea Nettles appear to be mostly gone for the year.
Seagulls were fighting over a scrap of food. Eagles and Ospreys have been out working too. The adult Ospreys are probably gone, but this years fledglings are still here, until some time in October, and the Eagles have been taking full advantage of their inexperience, in addition to rehoning their own fishing skill, rusty from relying on Ospreys to do the work all summer.

Just as I was about to get off the beach, a pod of about 5 dolphins cruised by the harbor mouth, going south. It's the first time I've seen them from our beach

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