Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Some DIY Politics

DIY Thursday done come on Tuesday this week:

Electoral Politics

In The Mailbox: 09.26.22 : The Other McCain
WATCH: Newt Gingrich predicts Republicans will pick up between '20 and 70 seats' in the House | Washington Examiner
The West: How the Senate can be won – HotAir
8 Key House Races That Could Flip This November
Deluded Michael Moore Predicts 'Landslide' for Democrats in Midterms
Democrat Fears Of Losing Latino Voters Clearer Now More Than Ever - The Political Insider
Most Americans Felt Safer During Last Year of Trump's Presidency: Poll
Congress flirts with government shutdown as Manchin permitting bill may drag down funding package | Fox News
Was overturning Roe a ‘blessing’? Only if Democrats can avoid the details of the right to abortion | The Hill
Abbott-O’Rourke Race Update: There Isn’t One « Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog
Brian Kemp Goes for the Jugular as Stacey Abrams' Campaign Continues Its Freefall – RedState
Fox News host Tucker Carlson's attack on John Fetterman tattoos is ignorant
Split ticket: Philadelphia’s police union endorses Oz in PA Senate race, Shapiro for governor – HotAir
Fetterman Coverage Shows Media 'Double Standard' as Oz Closes Gap | Newsmax.com
John Fetterman's campaign partner backs defunding the police - Liberty Unyielding
GA Senate Race: Why Warnock Can’t Shake Walker - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Nolte: Washington Senate Race Now a Statistical Tie
Biden Adviser: ‘MAGA Republicans’ Would 'Disrupt Our Democracy,' 'Destroy' the USA | CNSNews
Why the Democrats Must Be Punished – PJ Media
There's pressure for GOP to impeach Biden if they win the House, according to S.C. Rep. Nancy Mace | Just The News
Politifact explains why the several times Dems objected to election results were only ‘mostly symbolic measures’ – twitchy.com
Group Sounds Alarm on Arizona Voting Machine Readers Lacking Accreditation - The Arizona Sun Times
New Hampshire AG orders Democrats to pull back mailers | New Hampshire | thecentersquare.com
PayPal Could Be Legally Prevented From Banning People For Their Political Views – Summit News
GOP Senator Documents Big Tech Rigging The 2022 Election
‘National Security Nightmare’: GOP Rep Says Hunter Biden Had ‘Eric Swalwell Situation’ | The Daily Caller
Maine Gov. Janet Mills Won’t Remove Taxpayer-Funded Video Calling ‘MAGA’ A Form Of ‘Covert Racism And White Supremacy’ | The Daily Caller
Formal IRS Complaint Filed Against Good Information Foundation

Jan 6, the FBI and DOJ and Political Violence in general

Questions Surround FBI Raid Arrest of Pennsylvania Pro-life Father | Newsmax.com
Hawley to Garland: Explain this 25-agent FBI raid over a simple assault allegation – HotAir
Garland's FBI Raids Pro-Lifer's Home, Arrests Him In Front Of Kids
FBI Denies Sending SWAT Team to Arrest Catholic Activist Mark Houck
Doug Ross @ Journal: Larwyn’s Linx: FBI Agents Raid Home of Pro-Life Author With Guns Drawn in Front of His Screaming Kids
The FBI Lied to a Judge So They Could Bust Open Thousands of Safety Deposit Boxes
Ace of Spades HQ You're Not Going to Believe This, But the the FBI Lied to a Judge to Get a Warrant, and Then Seized Property the Judge Explicitly Told Them They Were Not Permitted to Seize
The rising federal Gestapo – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
Ace of Spades HQ Straight-Arrow Prosecutor Andrew Weissman: So Ginni Thomas, Who Married a Black Man, Sure Is a Nazi, Isn't She?
Mail fraud? Biden's postal inspectors tracked pro-gun activists - Washington Times
Ace of Spades HQ "Heavily-Armed" Black White Supremacists March Through Austin Demanding That Biden Close the Border Immediately and That Illegal Aliens Be Deported; The Black White Supremacists Also Demand Reparations
‘Political Violence’: Volunteers For Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott’s Campaign Chased, Car Attacked | The Daily Wire
Democrat-led House Jan. 6 committee holds final hearing before Election Day | Just The News
Former Capitol Police chief announces deal for Jan. 6 book | Just The News
Cernovich on Twitter: "J6 committee leader calls Ray Epps "poor schmuck" who is “just trying to survive.” https://t.co/Gt4N1L4k55" / Twitter
Durham’s Protect-The-Establishment Tactic Is Ruining The Country
FBI's Matt Gaetz Operation Silenced An Effective GOP Voice
Don’t Take the Bait - The American Mind

The Stupid Biden Economy, Stupid

Wall Street’s fear gauge hits highest level since June
Asian shares mixed after Dow falls into bear market | AP News
Everything-Selloff on Wall Street Deepens on 98% Recession Odds
Dow officially enters bear market | Just The News
"Have They Gone Completely Mad?" They Know That They Are Killing The Economy, But They Are Doing It Anyway | ZeroHedge
Atlanta Fed Chief Bostic: Central Bank Working to Avoid 'Deep, Deep Pain'
Tech Stocks Face Another 10% Drop As Inflation Kills Market, 401Ks | Off The Press
Energy, inflation crises risk pushing big economies into recession, OECD says | Reuters
Wall Street Extends Declines Amid Recession Worries
Politico: Biden's economic victory lap keeps getting interrupted by reality, or something – HotAirFed Up With the Fed | AIER
Inflated Food Prices Forcing American Families to Change Eating Habits
Biden’s Impoverishing Americans To Cut Emissions Won’t Even Touch… | AIER
Biden's Inflation Takes a Huge Toll on Christmas Shopping – PJ Media
CBO: Biden's student debt forgiveness will cost more than $400 billion – HotAir
The Narrative Is Changing Again on Gas Prices

The Culture War 

What if the Trans Shop Teacher Is Actually the Hero We Need? – PJ Media
Althouse: "Because breasts are highly visible, they can make transitioning difficult and cause intense distress for these teenagers, fueling the demand for top surgeries."
Top Trans Medical Org Recommends Castration For Those With ‘Eunuch’ Identity | The Daily Caller
“Puberty Blockers Are Wonderful” – UVa Children’s Hospital | Bacon's Rebellion
Tennessee Looking At Child Gender Transition Legislation After Vanderbilt Transgender Videos Released | The Daily Wire
Child mutilation is good business – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Woke Librarians: A National Scourge
WATCH: Child Strokes Drag Performer’s Groin at Chattanooga Pride Youth Event – PJ Media
The Drag Queens Hanging Around Kids Are Skeeving Me Out – PJ Media
Court Rules Trans Prison Guard Can’t Strip-Search Muslim Inmate – PJ Media
Air Force Academy Holds ‘Transgender Visibility’ Seminar
Has the Air Force Academy Become Just Another Liberal Arts School? - American Thinker
Randi Weingarten attacks Gov. DeSantis for politicizing education – HotAir
‘Brave Journalisming’: KTVU San Francisco reports on firefighter with Let’s Go Brandon Shirt … and LOL – twitchy.com

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