Tuesday, September 6, 2022

When Crabs Attack

Chesapeake Bay Mag, VIDEO: Va. Blue Crabs Attack From Land, First Time Recorded by Scientists

Just when you thought you know the Chesapeake Bay blue crab top to bottom… a researcher at Virginia Institute of Marine Science has made a bizarre discovery.

For the first time, blue crabs are captured on video in a salt marsh well upland from the shoreline, attacking unsuspecting fiddler crabs!

Cheryl Costello shows us the surprising ambush technique scientists haven’t seen before from Bay crabs. Watch below: 

Those suckers are fast, and they can really pinch. One time, back when I was working, and had to sub in on the crab survey, a big Jimmy grabbed my finger though heavy gloves and held on tight. I had to use pliers to break his claw and get him off. It hurt for several days. I got revenge, though. We are the legal sized ones.

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