Friday, September 9, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

 A quad! (They've been piling up.) First, John Sexton at Haut Hair, 'We're done with Portland': Residents say they are fed up with crime and homelessness

I mentioned this class action lawsuit yesterday but National Review has a more in depth story today which makes me wonder if this lawsuit could be a game changer.
A 66-year-old woman who had a bottle thrown at her as she maneuvered around a Portland, Ore. homeless camp in her electric wheelchair.

A 62-year-old longtime Portland resident who relies on a wheelchair and a service dog, and who was assaulted, spat on, and sprayed with mace by homeless people in her neighborhood…

According to the lawsuit, the city is failing to keep its sidewalks clear of debris and tent encampments, and failing to ensure the sidewalks are accessible to people with disabilities and visual impairments.
The basic argument here is that the city is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to keep the sidewalks clear for the benefit of those with recognized visual or movement disabilities, but it has not done so.

I hope it works, for their sakes, but given our legal system, I have my doubts. They might be able to shut down a working small business with ADA, but get rid of a homeless encampment?

More from Sexton, Portland mayor says efforts to move homeless camps away from schools is going well but residents say otherwise

And from PM,  ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland Antifa riot arrestee charged in child sex sting

A Portland, Ore. far-left activist who was repeatedly charged with felonies during the summer of Antifa riots in 2020 has been arrested last Friday in a child sex sting.

Aubrey Ryan Quinn-Ward, 25, was arrested on Sept. 2 in neighboring Washington County by deputies following an investigation into online pedophiles. Law enforcement posed as children on social media platforms in a child predator sting that also resulted in the arrests of four other men in the Portland area. Quinn-Ward allegedly traveled to meet a child for sex in a Beaverton parking lot but was instead arrested by law enforcement.

Maybe this will get him off the streets. Sixteen will get you 20. 

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  1. Thinking about the lawsuit, sometimes changes do happen. Remember Judge Boldt & how he changed salmon fishing?