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Biden's Red Rant Revisited and Red Wave Revived?

For some reason or another, "Dark Brandon's" speech is still in the news. David Harsanyi asks Who Are You Calling a Fascist, Mr. President?. VodkaPundit at PJ Media admits I Am a 'Clear and Present Danger' to the Biden Regime (And So Are You). At PM,  White House says the 'MAGA agenda' is 'one of the most extreme agendas that we have seen'. But, as Matt Vespa at Town Hall notes It Took Less Than a Day for Joe Biden to Retract His Attacks on MAGA Republicans. At RCP, Biden: "I Don't Consider Any Trump Supporter A Threat To The Country". Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, Biden Walks Back “MAGA Republicans Are a Threat” Claim, Beclowning Sycophantic Media And Never-Trumpers. Without a teleprompter (or Jill) to tell him what to say, he reverts to saying anything to get him out of the room. WaEx editorializes about Biden’s Reichstag blunder. Bob Spencer at PJ Media, Biden and the Dems Are Skipping Straight to the Final Stage of Socialism.

Insty cites NR's DAN MCLAUGHLIN: Joe Biden’s Blundering, Insincere Philadelphia Speech. "Joe Biden’s speech last night at Independence Hall in Philadelphia was a disaster — several bad ideas terribly executed at once. It was a speech that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be, delivered by a man who didn’t believe it. And it will come back to bite him in court and on the campaign trail. Let us count the ways. . . " At WaEx Byron York derides Biden's American carnage speech. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair calls Biden's soulless screed a smokescreen for what really ails the nation. Insty, YOU GO TO WAR WITH THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE: Biden declares war on half the country.

To be fair, Biden did say “nevermind” yesterday: ‘I don’t consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country’: Now Biden walks back his attacks on MAGA Republicans — and insists he was talking about people who call for ‘use of violence’ and reject election results. People who reject election results are the worst: 

Insty, MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: Watch:@KariLake Destroys A 'Journalist' In 90 Seconds...

At Breitbart, Country Star John Rich: Looks Like Joe Biden Delivered His Speech in Front of the Gates of Hell and  Caleb Howe at Mediaite wonders Why *Did* CNN Color Shift Biden’s Backdrop From Rage Red To Pretty Pink in Real Time During MAGA Speech? "The general consensus was that CNN was “softening” the background color so it wouldn’t seem so “fascist,” as several right leaning websites put it."  Actually interesting comparison of the color balance chosen by different news outlets. 

Althouse checks on Who wrote Joe Biden's blood-red "soul of America" speech? Jon "Soul of America" Meacham?
I should have guessed, because I've blogged about Meacham's input into Biden rhetoric a few times, but I needed this Politico article to jog my memory: "The seeds of Biden’s democracy speech sprouted long before the Mar-a-Lago search/But the actions of Trump and his supporters, along with threats of violence, sped up Biden’s need to address the nation."

"Democracy speech"? Is that what they want it called? The speech where he demonized half of American voters?

At PM, Nancy Pelosi calls Biden’s dark speech targeting conservatives 'optimistic and inspiring'. Sundance at CTH sees DeSantis Break Silence About Biden Attack Speech "Carefully navigating the political waters to avoid the terms “MAGA republican” or “Trump,” DeSantis gave a down the middle approved republican rebuttal. WATCH " and President Trump Hits Back Against Joe Biden’s Evil Red Devil Speech in Philadelphia. "During remarks at a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, President Trump called Joe Biden’s recent speech against “MAGA Republicans” as the most divisive speech by an American President in history, saying Biden’s chosen red background was “like the devil.”"  Sarah Hoyt at Insty: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE ONLY NEWSPAPER FOR OUR TIMES: "Biden Swallows Cyanide Capsule In Underground Bunker . Or what the heck, look at their whole page today."

Rejecting the current wave of pessimism regarding GOP chances in the midterms, News Max reports a Rasmussen Poll: Republicans Maintain 5-Point Lead on Generic Ballot. Matt Vespa catches the NYT Hurling Cold Water on Senate Democrats' 2022 Hopes 

Republicans might very well do better than the pundits expect. And that is keeping some Democratic strategists up at night. This is true for two main reasons: a flood of outside money that is about to hit the airwaves on Republicans’ behalf, and polling that indicates that the political environment remains a problem for Democratic candidates, despite their party’s recent string of accomplishments.

At NYPo, Tim Ryan says Democrat brand ‘not good’ for his Senate run in Ohio WaT sees the brain-damaged Fetterman gets media pass on health questions even after ducking Senate debate. At Fox, TUCKER CARLSON: Republicans must focus on issues that matter to Americans to win, "Tucker Carlson analyzes the 2022 midterm elections and what Republicans need to do for a winning strategy"

At The Other McCain, Smitty thinks Sarah Palin’s Setback Can Be Not A Bug, But A Feature

We need to have the idiocy of Ranked Choice Voting rubbed in peoples’ faces.
  • You want a contest that reflects the will of the many, not the cunning of the few.
  • You want a ballot that can Answer The Famous Question readily, cleanly, and without ambiguity.
  • You want simple rules that don’t require a three-hour college course to grasp. If you want to tart up the election for Dog Catcher seven ways from sundown, fine. Let that Poli-Sci Master’s Degree candidate put out the most Byzantine rules imaginable in the name of being “more perfect-er”. Don’t do it on a state-wide or national scale.
  • You want a close race to admit “the race was close” and have a run-off. This gives voters a moment to reflect on the issues; to review late-breaking candidate information; to consider how gracious the candidates are under the weird natural experiment of a near-(political)-death experience. Watching these ballots slosh around and deliver a result risks a gut feeling of illegitimacy.
  • You want a system that doesn’t support a Denial Of Service attack. By this I mean a party flogging the rules to put a slate of NPCs on the ballot such that no one can carry the decision in the first round, forcing all of the action into the 2nd and 3rd choice columns, which favors those NPC deadbeats who do nothing productive with their lives, and just pencil-whip elections.
It would be less objectionable if these NPCs were delivering improvement, and not just parasitic behavior. Hopefully this Alaska setback proves a cautionary tale. Conservatives need to understand that the cockroach-like tenacity of the Left is only exceeded by its termite-like hunger for power. Ranked Choice Voting is a tool for “fundamentally transforming the United States of America“, and not in wholesome ways.<

At WaPoo, After Peltola win in Alaska, a debate erupts over ranked-choice voting.

Sundance at CTH, President Trump Discusses Armed FBI Raid on His Mar-a-Lago Home, “We are like a third-world nation” Althouse dissects the comments in "It was not just my home that was raided… it was the hopes and dreams of every citizen who I've been fighting for since the moment I came down the golden escalator in 2015, wanting to represent the people."

. . . I don't think the NYT wants us to think Trump is right about that, but I think he is. The NYT tones down the description of Biden's speech. And look, it calls Trump supporters "forces loyal to Mr. Trump." Forces? Loyal? Isn't this just politics, and some of our fellow citizens support Trump because they like his policies? No, they're "loyal" to him, and they're like some sort of army.

That language reminds me of Biden's line: "[H]istory tells us that blind loyalty to a single leader and a willingness to engage in political violence is fatal to democracy." Why is one side's love of their candidate "blind loyalty"? And isn't Biden just demanding loyalty to his side? Would he and the NYT condemn the Black Lives Matter demonstrations — where we saw a "willingness to engage in political violence" — "fatal to democracy"?
“You’re all enemies of the state,” Mr. Trump told thousands of supporters at his rally...
Trump was characterizing what Biden said.
“He’s an enemy of the state, you want to know the truth,” he said of Mr. Biden....
Good line, I think. If the President thinks the American people are the enemy, then he is the enemy. I don't like seeing Trump step up and match Biden's military-style politics with his own military style — I'm the enemy?! No, you're the enemy! — but that's Trump. He never stands down. If you want to fight, he will fight.

From Joseph Weber at JTN, Trump again says he'd pardon Jan. 6 rioters, also says he's 'financially supporting' some defendants. "Trump has raised possibility of pardons, but idea of apology, financial support new."

Sundance thinks Bill Barr Does what Bill Barr Does, The Institutions Must Be Preserved at all Costs – Evidence of DOJ and FBI Misconduct Must Not Be Permitted to Surface. Margot Cleveland details 5 Times The Anti-Trump FBI’s ‘Trust Us’ Promise Fell Apart "1. Devin Nunes’ Memo Exposing FISA Abuse . . . 2. Surveillance Warrants Are Hard to Get . . . 3. Don’t Worry, ’Merica, No Spying on Trump Took Place . . . 4. Redactions Are Necessary to Protect Sources and Methods . . . 5. Crossfire Hurricane Was Properly Predicated "

Heeding their master's voice, at Fox, US Treasury says request for Hunter Biden records must come from Dem-led committee, not Republicans "That could change if Republicans take the majority in Congress this November in the Midterms." Then, they'll be "accidentally deleted."

Stacy McCain highlights a ‘A Coven of Sexual Predators’

Well, at least they weren’t Catholic priests:
Multiple cheerleading coaches in South Carolina — including a coach who recently killed himself — sexually abused at least six boys and girls and provided them with drugs and alcohol, a federal lawsuit alleges.
A “coven of sexual predators” surrounded Rockstar Cheer of Greenville for more than a decade, according to one of the lawyers for the alleged victims.

What's the matter with Kansas? Anders Hagstrom at NYPo reports Teacher Pamela Ricard wins $95K over push to ‘deceive’ parents about students’ gender identity. "Pamela Ricard, 58, argued that school administrators in Kansas had demanded that she use students’ preferred gender pronouns in classrooms, but avoid using those terms when speaking to parents. Ricard sued, arguing such deception was against her Christian beliefs." At Twitchy, ‘Cry HARDER’: Taylor Lorenz continuing her bizarre, creepy obsession with bullying Libs of TikTok does NOT go well for her.

KT at Haut Hair snitches on a NYC private school director who admits to sneaking a liberal agenda into classroom. Matt Margolis at Town Hall catches the Teachers' Union Boss Admitting Teachers Have Become ‘Social Justice Warriors’. At Fox, Randi Weingarten claims politicians make teachers 'social justice warriors', all because Republicans 'pounced.' Erick Erickson at Town Hall makes the case that Progressives, Not the Pandemic, Hurt Kids' Education 

In places like Northern Virginia, schools stayed closed, parents who pooled resources to hire tutors were attacked by local school boards and parents who demanded schools reopen were treated like terrorists. The schools stayed closed, and the kids fell behind. Now, naturally, progressives and teachers unions who forced the schools to stay shut want more federal funding to combat the problems they caused.

Gina Carano
At PM,  Biden admin held weekly censorship meetings with social media giants to suppress COVID and vaccine speech. NewsBusters hears KJP to Fox Biz on Whether Biden WH Helped Big Tech Censor Speech: ‘Not Going to Comment’. Josh Hammer at Town Hall says the Biden admin's role in calling for Big Tech censorship, The Biden Regime Collapses the 'Public'-'Private' Distinction, as Breitbart reports Gina Carano’s Twitter Account Deleted. The Twitter account of actress Gina Carano, who plays a leading role in the upcoming movie about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, My Son Hunter, has been deleted. Twitter users navigating to the actress’s page, @ginacarano, are met with a message that “this account doesn’t exist.”" I'm sure it's just a coincidence. PM, Biden admin to demand foreign nations ban 'conversion therapy' of trans youth, "A leaked memo from Antony Blinken shows the Biden administration's intention of turning American embassies into "global 'gender-affirming' spies." Conversion therapy may not work often, but it's certainly no worse than "gender confirmation."

KT at Haut Hair reports a Yale psychiatrist fails in attempt to get her job back after calling Trump mentally ill

U.S. District Judge Sarah Merriam dismissed Dr. Bandy Lee’s wrongful termination lawsuit against Yale University. The lawsuit accused Yale of violating Lee’s free speech and professional obligations when she was not reappointed to her role with the school. She claims she was fired over her public statements criticizing then-President Donald Trump and his inner circle. Lee blames her termination on a letter sent to Yale by Trump’s friend Alan Dershowitz.

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  1. I thought the drooling husk's "I don't consider any Trump Supporter a threat to the country" was less a walk-back than it was a piece of (ahem) tough-guy "home before the leaves fall" bravado.