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"Jennifer" Eller
School Concedes To Trans Teacher, Will Enforce Preferred Pronouns And Restroom Policies

A Maryland school district settled with a transgender teacher days ahead of the trial, agreeing to enforce policies including transgender students’ preferred pronouns and restrooms, according to the Washington Post.

Prince George County Public Schools in Prince George’s County, Maryland, settled with Jennifer Eller, who sued the school in 2018 saying she was subjected to harassment after changing gender identity, according to the Washington Post. Under the settlement, Eller received financial compensation and the school agreed to enforce transgender policy which requires educators to hide students’ transgender status from parents and use preferred pronouns. 
Back in 2019
The transgender policy which allow students to use locker rooms and restrooms based on their gender identity. On overnight trips, students are permitted to room with whichever gender they best identify with, the policy stated.

Educators will be required to keep students’ transitioning status a secret from their parents, unless otherwise advised by the student to do so, according to the policy. The policy also requires educators and peers to use students’ preferred pronouns.
Eller, who left the school district in 2017, said a school administrator told her to wear slacks and blouses instead of dresses and skirts so others wouldn’t be uncomfortable, the lawsuit stated. Students also referred to Eller as “mister,” “sir” and “he,” which Eller called misgendering.

The lawsuit states that Eller was called names by parents and students such as “pervert,” and “pedophile,” with a therapist calling Eller’s gender transition, “garbage.” Eller said the school district ignored her complaints regarding the harassment.

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