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Biden Putting the 'Total' in Totalitarian, J6 Trespasser Gets 9 months for "Gesticulating"

Town Hall's Cutie Pavlich claims the White House Can’t Shake Major ‘MAGA Republican’ Miscalculation. At Ace, Poll: Majority Says Biden's Speech Was a "Dangerous Escalation" Designed to "Incite Conflict"

The Post-Millennial: The poll, conducted by the Trafalgar Group for the Convention of States Action, found that 56.8 percent of likely general election voters said that Biden's speech in which he designated MAGA Republicans extremists "represents a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans." 35.5 percent of Americans said that the speech "is acceptable campaign messaging that is expected in an election year."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.06.22, Am great's Roger Kimball says Biden Puts the ‘Total’ in Totalitarianism, "America has come perilously close to the edge of the point of no return." Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Nailed It—Biden's Philly Fascist Folly Blowback Has Begun. "If I were more mature, I would resist an easy attempt to gloat  . . ." Paul Gottfried at Am Great calls it Biden’s Soviet ‘Antifacism’ and likens it to "the early stage of the Soviet seizure of power in Eastern Europe after World War II." At Breitbart, Joe Biden Accuses Heckler of ‘Destroying Democracy’ at Labor Day Speech. You can't heckle a Democrat politician. The Bablylon Bee has a New Report Indicates Biden 'Quiet Quit' The Presidency Months Ago "The White House aide continued, "But when he started to literally spend all of his time binge-watching Bluey and eating goldfish crackers, it really became evident that he just wasn't even trying anymore.""

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.06.22, Power Line It Isn’t Hard to Cheat. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports the RNC, Other Conservative Groups File Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania For Illegally Altering Ballots. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire notes Democrat Election-Denier Claims Denying Elections Is One Of The ‘Hallmarks’ Of Fascism, Maryland's own Jamie Raskin.   New Neo has a post on Those “election deniers.”

But there is no indication that so-called “MAGA-Republicans” believe that all elections they lose are the result of cheating. In the 2020 presidential election, however, there was reason to believe it based on the loosening of the rules for voting and the way some of the votes in key states came in. But underlying all of that was the unverifiable nature of mail-in voting, which became very common in 2020 with the excuse of COVID, and enabled possible fraud that would be undetectable, thus undermining general trust in elections.

Democrats will never admit that – unless it’s they who lose the election.

Insty, PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on threats to democracy. . . .The calls of democracy being under attack are coming from inside the house! ‘Stolen’ elections and collusion: Karine Jean-Pierre’s Twitter history . . . Also from Insty, SHE’S RUNNING: Hillary Clinton says she will never run for president again. Stake, garlic, fire. 

Philly Inq, cited at Haut HairSen. Toomey says Fetterman is ‘not up to the job’ of senator, pointing to lingering speech issues following his stroke. Selena Zito at WaEx on The realities of covering John Fetterman "“The fact that Fetterman hasn't made his doctors available, or anybody available, is pretty bad," he added. "It flies in the face of the transparency that he has said was important to him since he first ran,” said Urban."  'Bonchie' at Red State thinks John Fetterman's Latest Public Appearance Is Extremely Concerning to Watch

As I said in a previous article, things are bad enough that I don’t even feel comfortable cracking jokes about Fetterman’s condition. Instead, it’s just sad to witness, and it feels very wrong that this guy is currently running for the US Senate in this condition. Stroke victims typically plateau about three months into their recovery, and we are well past that for Fetterman. He sounds no better today than he did three weeks ago. In fact, this may be the worst I’ve seen him.

The Wa Free Bee, Fetterman Taps Cop Killer Ally For Board of Pardons "Celeste Trusty boasts soft-on-crime views and ties to Mumia Abu-Jamal . . .  Trusty, who served as Fetterman’s campaign political director, is a longtime prison reform activist who has called to "disarm the police." Jim Geraghty at NR, cited at Haut Hair, Oz improves -- but not enough among GOP voters? "If those two most recent polls are accurate, Oz finds himself in the odd position of winning self-identified independent voters, but still trailing overall because he hasn’t unified Pennsylvania Republicans behind him." And Insty has advice for NRO, ADVICE NRO SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED IN 2016: Stop anathematizing each other, Republicans.

So where were we on the Mar-a-Lago panty raid? A Short recap from Breitbart, Judge Suspends DOJ Investigation of Trump, Grants Special Master Request. CNS News, Judge: Government Seized ‘Medical Documents’ from Trump’s Home 

The judge also said in the order that Trump faces “potential harm by way of improper disclosure of sensitive information to the public,” and “risk of suffering injury from the Government’s retention and potential use of privileged materials in the course of a process that, thus far, has been closed off to Plaintiff and that has raised at least some concerns as to its efficacy, even if inadvertently so.”
The DOJ responded to that by leaking a claim to WaPoo, that Material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago "Some seized documents were so closely held, only the president, a Cabinet-level or near-Cabinet level official could authorize others to know," but we know the FBI and DOJ wouldn't lie to us, right? Oh yeah. and DOJ: Oh, We Might Appeal That Special Master Ruling...Those Dinner Menus Are Just Too Important (Matt Vespa at Town Hall).
Law and Crime spoke to legal experts who warned that a DOJ appeal was also “risky”:
“I’m sure [the DOJ is] puzzling over it now,” noted CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers, a former federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York.

“They obviously made clear to the judge that they wanted her to craft an order in such a way that it would allow them to appeal,” Rodgers continued. “So what they’re gonna have to think about is: What is the makeup of the 11th Circuit? What’s the likelihood that they’re gonna get a ruling that they like or not? How much damage does this actually do to their case?”

Seth Barrett Tillman@SethBTillman, "#Cannon #JudgeCannon #appeal #TRO #TemporaryRestrainingOrder "Query: Judge Cannon's order reads like the issuance of a temporary restraining order. It is not a permanent injunction or a preliminary injunction. Does that mean it cannot be appealed?" At Haut Hair Capt. Ed wonders Why didn't the DoJ appoint a special master in the first place? 

One would think that, in a situation this potentially explosive, Merrick Garland would have taken extra care to dot the Is and cross the Ts. Instead, it looks like the DoJ and FBI conducted itself carelessly and to a certain extent heedless of the problems they might create for themselves. That hardly instills a sense of confidence that this is merely a professional and objective pursuit of justice.

Mark Tapscott at ET reports an Oversight Project Files FOIA Lawsuit for Key DOJ, NARA Documents on Trump Raid. At Straight Arrow News, The DOJ’s Trump investigation isn’t the first of its kind. Remember Clinton? Not Hillary, he means Bill, over Marc Rich.  At Am GreatT R Malloch The FBI Exposed, One man’s experience demonstrates how the FBI needs to be exposed for what it has become and how it has betrayed the nation and its very own motto" and the redoubtable Julie Kelly pens Former Feds Give Justice Department a Bad Name, "The nonstop partisan gaslighting justifies accusations by Trump and his supporters that the Justice Department largely exists to criminalize political dissent in America." Andy Weissmann. 

Rasmussen reports Most Voters Say Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Still an Important Story, despite being buried by the FBI and the social networks. Speaking of which, Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI reports that a Court Forces Fauci And Jean-Pierre To Answer Questions Under Oath And Produce Documents In Biden-Big Tech Collusion Case, “Plaintiffs are entitled to external communications by Jean-Pierre and Dr. Fauci in their capacities as White House Press Secretary and Chief Medical Advisor to the President to third-party social media platforms.”

Dan Chaitin at WaEx, What Liz Cheney told Republicans about Trump attacking law enforcement. She has a hammer, and thinks Trump is a nail.

Jazz Shaw reports that a J6 rioter gets prison time for "gesticulating"

 Of course, as we will discuss below, Richard Michetti of Pennsylvania didn’t even participate in any of the activities that would normally qualify as “rioting,” and was instead guilty of trespassing. But in the process of doing that, he “yelled” at some of the Capitol Hill Police. Oh, and he “pinched the sleeve” of one officer briefly. For this, he was given a sentence of nine months in federal prison followed by two years of supervised release.

NPR pleased a punch that A New Mexico judge cites insurrection in barring a county commissioner from office

A county official in New Mexico who was convicted of entering a restricted area during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol must be immediately removed from office for his involvement in an insurrection, a judge decided Tuesday.

District Court Judge Francis Mathew ruled that Couy Griffin, an Otero County commissioner, is now disqualified from holding public office because he violated Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment by participating in the Jan. 6 siege.

"He took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States ... [and then] engaged in that insurrection after taking his oath," Judge Mathew wrote.

The decision against Griffin, who made headlines earlier this year by refusing to certify his county's election results, comes after some similar, high-profile Fourteenth Amendment challenges to incumbent lawmakers across the country failed.

Dave Solway at PJ Media thinks we need Re-Colonizing America. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed warns Special Counsel Must Choose: Risk A Russia Hoaxer’s Second Acquittal Or Expose More Deep-State Dirt. Please, expose more deep-state dirt!

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