Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Beach Report 9/28/22

The Ospreys are still here, at least some of them. I saw a classic Bald Eagle vs Osprey interaction today:

Over there, on the right, an eagle chases an Osprey, flying above it and forcing it lower and lower. The Osprey was nearly down to the water when it conceded, and dropped whatever it was carrying (I couldn't see what it was, but I could see when it was dropped). The eagle immediately snatched it off the water and headed for shore. But what was really cool was that then, another eagle came off the shore and chased the victorious eagle. I didn't see how that ended up because they ended up too far north for me to see.

The weather is gorgeous, cool, but still shorts and T-shirt accessible, light winds. We walked at high tide, lots of sand, and a few teeth, 10, and a couple of small but complete ray chevrons.

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