Saturday, September 3, 2022

DIY Politics, Good Bye Audrey

Politics without the snarky commentary. We've got a funeral to go to. Goodbye Audrey. My last aunt, and the last survivor of that generation. I think. We lost track of one years ago.

Dark Brandon's Speech and other Election Related Matters:

In The Mailbox: 09.02.22 : The Other McCain
Biden's Lunatic 'MAGA Republicans' Ranting Is Gonna Backfire – PJ Media
Instapundit » Blog Archive » LAST NIGHT’S CRAZED, PARANOID SPEECH IS NOT PLAYING WELL: Harsh, but they should have seen t…
Joe Biden delivers “one of the most menacing, bitter, angry and divisive speeches in modern US political history”
Biden calling half the country 'fascist' is a cynical political ploy
Biden Demonizes Millions Of Americans While Calling For Unity | The Daily Wire
Journalists Blast Biden for Having Military Behind Him During 'Political Speech'
Team Biden Desperately Tries to Spin Partisan Speech
Ace of Spades HQ Slurred Speech Thread: Biden's Fascist Demagogic Declaration of War on His Political Enemies
Biden: ‘A Terrible President’ and ‘Even Worse Human Being’ – PJ Media
Instapundit » Blog Archive » LIFE IN A BANANA REPUBLIC: Tonight, Joe Biden said, "This is a nation that respects free and…
Althouse: "MAGA Republicans seemed to think that the scary setting for Biden’s alarming message was somehow beneficial to them..."
Althouse: "... I give you my word as a Biden..."
Althouse: Biden's disturbing and incoherent speech.
Althouse: "Presidents rarely make speeches during prime TV viewing hours, and typically only do so to address a national crises or matter of exceptional urgency."
Post editorial board: Biden's 'scolding' and 'demeaning' speech fell short – HotAir
Veterans group slams Biden for using Marines as props during primetime speech – HotAir
The Irony of Biden's Insane Anti-MAGA Speech Last Night Was Captured With One Photo
‘Red YAWN’: Hilarious MEMES make Biden’s speech attacking his own citizens a tad LESS horrific and here are some of the BEST –
Biden's ‘Soul of America’ Speech Was Just a Democratic Campaign Ad
WaPo columnist: Biden delivered a great "wartime address", eh? – HotAir
The walkback starts: "I don't consider any Trump supporter a threat" – HotAir
Joe Biden Delivers the DC Attack Speech Against MAGA Republicans that Mitch McConnell Cannot - The Last Refuge
White House defends presence of Marines at Biden speech | The Hill
Trump turns Biden's attack on MAGA back on president, says speech threatening, "angry" | Just The News
House GOP Leader: Biden should apologize for describing Trump's MAGA as 'semi-fascism' | Just The News
“MAGA Republicans” react to “the single most toxic, inflammatory, and hypocritical speech by an American President” ever
Dork Brandon, Revisited | Power Line
When Turnips Attack! - by Jeff Goldstein
Ace of Spades HQ Reactions to Biden's Fascist Call to War Against His Political Enemies
My Farewell to Hot Air Readers – HotAir
Karine Jean-Pierre says when you’re not with the majority of Americans, then you know, that is extreme –
Trafalgar Poll: GOP Holds 6-Point Lead over Dems on Generic Ballot
Why won't journalists ask Karine Jean-Pierre about her election denial history?
DeSantis Campaign Responds to White House Blaming Him for Escalating Rhetoric
Jungle primaries and ranked-choice voting are bad. Combining them is worse. – HotAir
Palin Should Blame Murkowski For Her Special Election Loss
Fetterman Thinks Only Rich, White Citizens Know How To Get ID
Trump says McConnell 'a negative for the party' during radio interview | Washington Examiner
Biden Brings in Professional Bagman John Podesta to Divvy Up the $316 Billion in Climate Change Money to DNC Donors Ahead of Midterm Election - The Last Refuge
Wexford County Voting Equipment for Sale Online, Law Enforcement Investigating
AFL-CIO announces largest ever voter mobilization for mid-term elections – HotAir
Michiganders Slam Dem Official For Role In 2020 Election Scheme

The Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid, J6 and other Political Violence

Feds Seized Dozens Of Trump’s “Clothing/Gift Items,” Books, and Hundreds Of Magazine Clippings In Mar-a-Lago Raid, Per Updated Inventory
FBI took empty 'classified' folders, photographs, clothes and books from Mar-a-Lago | Daily Mail Online
Latest 'Bombshell' From Trump Raid Delivers Side-Splitting Hilarity – RedState
Problems And Questions About That Classified Documents Photo - Victory Girls Blog
Scattered Pictures of the Files He Left Behind › American Greatness
The Pious Theatrics of the Treasonous Left - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Mar-a-Lago Special Master Hearing: Trump lawyers compare situation to “overdue library book,” Judge Will Rule Later
Bill Barr: 'I can't think of a legitimate reason' why Trump had these classified documents – HotAir
FBI Official Accused of Shutting Down Hunter Biden Probe Was ‘Running Point’ on Key Witness
Senator Chuck Grassley Warns DOJ Against Interfering with FBI Whistleblowers › American Greatness
Pennsylvania GOP nominee Mastriano sues Jan. 6 committee, alleges subpoena legally defective | Just The News
Trump Floats Pardoning J6 Rioters; Left Explodes - Victory Girls Blog
Judge dismisses Carter Page suit against Comey, FBI over alleged FISA abuse | Just The News
BREAKING: Steve Bannon’s DC home reportedly ‘swatted’ with fake shooting report | The Post Millennial

Censorship and the Culture War

Big Tech And Biden Admin Colluded To Silence Covid Dissenters
Facebook Should Preserve Any FBI, Hunter Biden Communications: House GOP
Ace of Spades HQRepublican Attorneys General Suing the Tech Monopolies Discover Evidence of Close Coordination Between the Government, FBI, and "Private" Corporations to Censor Citizens' Speech and Violate the First Amendment
Shocking Details Emerge on How Biden's White House Colluded With Social Media Companies to Censor Americans – PJ Media
White House Asked Meta To Remove Fauci Parody Account. Meta Responded In Less Than 60 Seconds. | The Daily Wire
Tom Elliott provides video receipts proving who it was trying to keep schools closed –
California School District Disseminates Health Education Curriculum With 10 Sexual Preferences, 8 Genders: Report | The Daily Wire
31-Year-Old Transgender Footballer Celebrates Being Able to Use Same Changing Room as Team of Teenage Girls – Summit News
State Dept. Launches International Gender Pressure Campaign
Farhad Manjoo says America is in a panic over trans people (his readers say no) – HotAir
Guam Air Force Base Claims Improves 'Lethality' by Banning Use of Gender Pronouns – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Christopher Rufo: The "Lurie Children's Hospital" Has Partnered Up With Public Schools to Teach Transgenderism, Bondage, BDSM and "Kink" to Grade School Children Plus: That Tucker Carlson Video
Normalizing the ‘Trans Children’ Agenda | FrontpageMag
Mom discovers depravity in Trevor Project's trans chat room
Louisiana's Top Education Official Tells Districts They Don't Have to Adopt Biden Title IX Transgender Rules – RedState
The Self-Castration Of The US Military - The American Conservative
Ace of Spades HQ Transgender "Star" of Batgirl Confirms Cancelled Movie Was "Woke," Attacks David Zaslav and His Mighty Ax For Cancelling Her His Awful Movie

The Stupid Biden Economy, Stupid 

Just 1 Percent of American Voters Describe Biden’s Economy as ‘Excellent’ Ahead of Midterms
Politicians Who Caused Recession Predictably Pretend It Away - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Finger-Pointing Federal Reserve Admits They Can't Tame Inflation, Blames Congress – PJ Media
Professor Warns U.S. on 'Brink of Deeper Recession'
POSOBIEC: Millennials are poorest generation since Great Recession 'by design'
Joe Buys the Vote - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Biden’s Higher Education Student Debt Relief Gravy Train | FrontpageMag
Biden Student Loan Giveaway A Boon For Doctors, Lawyers, And Grads With Dubious Degrees, Data Show | The Daily Wire
Biden doesn't say unfunded mandate, but it is - American Thinker
August Labor Report Shows 315,000 Job Gains, Internal Data a Much Bigger Concern - The Last Refuge

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And UPDATE: The missing uncle has been found in Alameda.

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