Thursday, September 8, 2022

Thursday DIY Political Post

Places to go, things to do, and people to see.

Election Stuff:

Biden, Harris Not Welcome on the Campaign Trail
Glenn Greenwald posts EPIC thread about how the authoritarian Left is squashing dissent –
McConnell Remains Silent on Biden’s Speech Attacking MAGA Movement
Will Biden Quietly Quit? | City Journal
Biden–The Great Divider and a Threat to American Democracy
Biden’s Speech Was the 2020 Playbook All Over Again | FrontpageMag
Former Military Leaders Warn Of Politicized ‘Civil-Military Environment’ Following Biden Speech | The Daily Wire
Biden Demeans MAGA Voters in Vile Labor Day Speech, Including Recycled Lies About January 6
Video: Biden Says He “Ran To Restore Decency, Honor, And To Treat People With Respect” – Summit News
Peter Doocy Reads Karine’s Old Tweets Claiming Trump Stole 2016 Election To Her Face | The Daily Caller
To Restore Faith In Elections, Fix Sloppy Record-Keeping
'They Are Getting Ready for Trump’s Second Term': Former Pentagon Brass Encourage Military to Disobey Orders
The One Stacey Abrams Quote That Should Makes Dems Uneasy
Georgia Democrats pessimistic about Stacey Abrams's chances – HotAir
Althouse: "Though [Stacey Abrams] is beloved by Democratic voters, she has lost some ground with Black men, who provided crucial backing in her narrow loss to Mr. Kemp in 2018...."
Floundering Stacey Abrams Begs Raphael Warnock for Help as Tensions Rise Among Georgia Dems – RedState
John Fetterman must debate and let Pennsylvania decide if he's up to the job
Fetterman shows why candidates this year are interchangeable – HotAir
Fetterman to POLITICO: I will debate Oz - POLITICO
Oz goes there: PAC runs ad about that time Fetterman pulled a shotgun on a black jogger – HotAir
Jamie Raskin Admits: Democrats Are Fascists - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Patty Murray Defends Dem Donations to ‘MAGA Republicans’
If ‘Election Deniers’ Are Such a Threat, Why Are Dems Supporting GOP Election Deniers? | CNSNews
Begich Refuses To Drop Alaska Bid Despite Palin’s Pleas | The Daily Caller
UPDATE: Democrat Las Vegas Official Robert Telles Arrested, Charged With Murder of Investigative Reporter – RedState
WaPo: The most enthusiastic voting demo is ... – HotAir

Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid, J6, and Political Violence in General

Government Anonymously Leaks Accusations Of Sensitive Nuclear Documents To Justify Trump Raid | The Daily Caller
EXCLUSIVE: The FBI Secretly Pressured Americans To Waive Away Their Gun Rights | The Daily Caller
New Evidence of Biden's Role in the FBI Raid of Trump's Home – PJ Media
Bill Barr: Special Master Ruling 'Wrong,' Will Be Overturned if DOJ Appeals
Bill Barr reveals his true colors...again - American Thinker
January 6 was Not a Real Insurrection. Take it From Someone who Lived Through One - American Thinker
I'm not so sure Garland is going to indict Trump - Flopping Aces
FBI secretly forced some to give up their gun rights – Bearing Arms
7 Bombshells From Special Master Order Following Trump Raid
Hillary Keeps Shamelessly Lying About Her Emails - The Federalist
Althouse: Hillary Clinton "did everything from trying to learn to tango to making acorn soup," she says.


KJP Tells Us That Biden Has Created 'Ten Thousand Million Jobs' – PJ Media
Salena Zito: Pennsylvanians feel left out by Biden’s student loan policy | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Quagmires in the Fed’s War on Inflation - American Thinker
Forgiveness Is a Virtue. Student Debt Transfer Is Not. - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Student Debt Relief -- Reparations for Rich White People | FrontpageMag
ESG and Corporate Totalitarianism - American Thinker
Campus Reform | GIORDANO: In President Biden’s America, those that do the right thing get punished
Cato Institute poll shows voters oppose Biden debt cancelation
Biden Energy Policies: Incoherent, Incompetent, Intolerable – Watts Up With That?
Joe Biden tries to say something about reducing the deficit, fails miserably –
Kamala makes ludicrous statement to dunk on Republicans [VIDEO] – The Right Scoop
Biden’s Student-Debt Rescue Plan Is a Legal Mess
PA's Blue Collar Workers Take a Blowtorch to Joe Biden's College Bailout Plan
Goya CEO Unanue to Newsmax: Dems 'Declared War' on the Working Class |
Poll: Support for Biden's Student Loan 'Forgiveness' Scheme Craters When Voters Find Out About...
In Biden's America, 1 in 6 Households Can't Afford Energy – PJ Media
Welcome to Joe Biden’s Low Growth Economy | AIER

Culture War

Althouse: "We are now policing traditional gender boundaries, and stripping achievements from women, in the name of gender-blindness. The gender-woke movement is eating its own tail."
New tool helps parents, students assess DEI ‘sickness level’ at schools | The College Fix
Ace of Spades HQ Get Woke Go Broke – Big Rig Edition
Gender-affirming care for transgender kids will backfire: experts
NJ Second Graders Will Learn About Gender Identity As New Sex-Ed Standards Begin
School complains that Project Veritas expose was done without woke racist teacher's permission | The Post Millennial
David French talks about the ‘OK groomer’ crowd getting upset over being called ‘semi-fascist’ –
The Trans Movement Isn't Just Targeting Kids But Families
‘Disinformation Dozen’ Responds After Documents Show Widespread Biden Administration Censorship Effort
‘Doctor Poses For A Picture With The Child She Just Mutilated’: Post From ‘Gender Affirming’ Surgeon With Patient Goes Viral | The Daily Wire
The Trans Movement Isn't Just Targeting Kids But Families
Biden’s New Title IX Proposals Will Codify the Gender Derangement of the Left - American Thinker
Nearly 25 Percent of Democratic Voters Believe Men Can Get Pregnant – PJ Media
Why schools won't tell parents what their kids are being taught
California Teachers Union Conducted Research On Parent Groups That Wanted To Reopen Schools, Emails Show | The Daily Caller
Project Veritas triumphs despite federal repression - American Thinker
The Secret Curriculum | RealClearPolitics

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