Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Sunday Morning Review

Just kind of going through the motions here, none of this really 'grabs' me. Wa Ex reports Former president in Ohio with JD Vance for speech. You can see it there if you want. WaPoo, In Ohio, Vance scrambles to ramp up campaign after mounting GOP criticism, "Although party strategists voice confidence Vance will still prevail, they say they fear he wasted precious time, requiring a financial bailout that limited resources for GOP candidates in other states." I take my WaPoo with an extra jigger of salt. Sundance at CTH reports President Trump Shares Article About a Trump v DeSantis Matchup "The ‘cut to the chase‘ aspect of whether Ron DeSantis is planning to run for the GOP nomination in 2024 is made clear when you realize just how much money the Florida governor has amassed.  A standing total exceeding $200 million." That would fund a lot of flights to Martha's Vineyard. PM reports Mike Pompeo tells Chicago crowd he's prepping for 2024 run, ""Confirmed via a hundred sources, Mike Pompeo is telling people he wants to primary Trump," Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily said back in October 2021." I don't see it as likely; he seems like a cabinet kind of guy, not the boss. At the Wa Free Bee Why Obama Doesn’t Think Pete Buttigieg Can Win a Presidential Election, "too short." Well, that and he's best known for being gay and not getting anything done. At Michigan News, GOP Co-chair Meshawn Maddock Doubles Down on ‘Weak Little Girl’ Comments,  GOP Co-chair Meshawn Maddock said she will “never back down” from comments she made this week calling U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg a “weak little girl.” It is a bit unkind to little girls. 

KT at Haut Hair thinks No bueno: Jill Biden avoids public comments about Hispanic Heritage Month after 'breakfast tacos' remark.

As Trafalgar reports Oz closing in on Fetterman (now within the margin of fraud), at NYPO, Salena Zito sees  ‘Floundering’ Fetterman has Democrats fretting in Senate race vs. Dr. Oz.  "Democrats who attended that speech said they are becoming uneasy about Fetterman. “Some tricky, cute tweet coming at the people of Pennsylvania again and again and again, with scarcely a word on substantive issues — if that is all his brain can remember, that is unacceptable,” one Democrat told me. “He seems to think he can ride out the storm and not debate." Hey, it worked for also brain-damaged Biden. The less seen of some politicians, the better. 

Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN counts Election deniers; 82 Democrats who called GOP election wins questionable, illegitimate or stolen. From Delaware Live, Delaware judge halts mail-in voting, "A Chancery Court judge has ruled Delaware’s new mail-in voting provision unconstitutional. In an 87-page memorandum opinion issued Wednesday afternoon, Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook said allowing mail-in voting in the Nov. 8 general election “will result in the dilution of constitutional votes with unconstitutional votes.”" Well, yes, that was the point. Marty Walsh at the Conservative Brief reports N.C. Supreme Court Will Tackle Redistricting, Voter ID On Back To Back October Days “Neither case will affect this fall’s election. Election maps will not change between now and the Nov. 8 Election Day. Voters will not need to present photo identification to vote in that election,” the report added." It's a 4:3 Democrat majority, so we know how they will choose. WaPoo whines Trump backers flood election offices with requests as 2022 vote nears, "The requests for records related to the 2020 election have complicated preparations for November, which some officials say may be the point." How dare ultra MAGA Republicans express interest in the fairness of elections! Bill Doyle at Da Fed reminds us Don’t Be Fooled: ‘Nonpartisan’ Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts Always Benefit Democrats. They're always in cities where Democrats outnumber Republicans.

For example, if an area is 80 percent Democrat and 20 percent Republican like Milwaukee, the GOTV multiplier will be the difference between the Democrat vote share and the Republican vote share, which in this case is 60 percent or 0.60. An additional 1,000 votes will yield an extra 600 votes for the Democrat.

Of course, if the Republican candidate beats the Democrat candidate, the GOTV multiplier will be negative. This is why one never sees leftist nonprofits targeting GOTV efforts in exurban and rural areas, even though many Democratic voters live in those areas.

We're still litigating the Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid, and the resulting court actions. Da Blaze is pleased that Judge blocks DOJ's unchecked review of records seized in Mar-a-Lago raid. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed is too, Trump Scores Two Huge Victories In Fight For Special Master "Trump’s win shouldn’t be a loss for the Department of Justice—unless the Biden administration played fast and loose with the facts." Which they almost certainly did. But, as PM reminds us Biden's DOJ asks to continue criminal probe into documents during special master review, "Yet the district court here ordered disclosure of highly sensitive material to a special master and to Plaintiff’s counsel—potentially including witnesses to relevant events—in the midst of an investigation, where no charges have been brought." 

Da Caller reports FBI Agents Seize Phone Of Mike Lindell Associate 

"MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s associate Douglas Frank claimed Thursday that two FBI personnel served him a search warrant to take his cellphone as he left a plane, not long after FBI personnel reportedly took Lindell’s phone . . .  Frank, a math teacher who has argued former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and is affiliated with Lindell, according to The Washington Post, claimed on Telegram that federal agents confiscated his phone as he disembarked from a plane Thursday.
. . .
Multiple probes are examining purported security breaches of local election offices in Mesa County and states including Georgia and Michigan that allegedly sought evidence of 2020 election rigging via voting machines, according to the Post. Investigators looked for evidence of Lindell, Peters, Frank and others allegedly breaking federal anti-identity theft and intentional protected computer damage laws, according to warrant documents Lindell featured on “The Lindell Report” program Tuesday evening.

Lindell has worked with Frank, who says he uncovered secret algorithms used to rig the election, the Post reported. Frank previously told the outlet he showed Peters in April 2021 “how her election was hacked.”

Bob Hoge at Red State wants to know Why Is the DOJ Trying to Destroy Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy? Partly, it's intimidation, but I'm sure they're afraid someone might discover their "secret sauce."

In a nutshell, the investigation is probing Lindell’s effort to analyze voting data from machines in several jurisdictions. Did he break the law to get some of this information? Time will tell, but it sure has the smell of FBI overkill once again. For instance, most of the rest of the CNN article goes on to describe Lindell’s efforts to promote his view that the election was stolen. Newsflash: that is not a crime.

Matt Taibbi, The Justice Department Was Dangerous Before Trump. It's Out of Control Now, "The recent Trump investigation is just the latest chapter of a long-brewing civil liberties nightmare. Part 1 of a series." At PM, WATCH: Leading House Democrat promises to protect 'Deep State', Steny Hoyer. "For years, Democrats and establishment media denied that a Deep State existed and lampooned the idea as a far right conspiracy theory." Rep. Bishop to Newsmax: FBI Needs to Be Decentralized. At a minimum. Sometimes government agencies are too far gone to save.

Jeff Charles at Red State says a Democrat-Aligned Org. Caught Paying TikTok Influencers to Spread Lies About Jan. 6. "Preston Moore, an attorney and TikTok influencer who discusses news related to legal issues, posted a video explaining how a nonprofit organization called the Good Information Foundation offered him cash to cut a video in which he would perpetuate disinformation related to the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021." Sundance, Harvard Attorney and TikTok Influencer States Soros Funded Group Offered to Pay $400 For Anti-Trump Propaganda Video About January 6th.

On the economy, Haut Hair reports Atlanta Fed Q3 estimate drops by nearly a point to 0.5%. Also at Haut Hair, John Sexton sees a Hard landing: Chances of curbing inflation without a recession look slim. It's already here. I&I, The Bidenomics Sham Is Collapsing. Sundance, On The Radar, Wave 3 of Food Price Inflation Soon to Arrive. "You know that moment just before the tsunami hits, when the water is pulled out to sea?  Yeah, that." At NewsMax, Starwood's Sternlicht: 'Major Crash' Coming in Housing Market. At ADN America, Inflation, rising cost of living still Latinos first concern, says new midterm poll. Just Facts claims Congressional Records Prove Biden’s Student Loan Cancellations Are Illegal, but when has that stopped them?

AP reports Virginia governor seeks new transgender student policies

The new model policies from the Virginia Department of Education, which were posted online Friday, say students’ participation in certain school programming and use of school facilities like bathrooms or locker rooms should be based on their biological sex, with modifications offered only to the extent required under federal law. The policies also say that students who are minors must be referred to by the name and pronouns in their official records, unless a parent approves the use of something else.

WaPoo, fully neutral (/sarc) writes Virginia policy latest attempt to restrict rights of transgender students. On the other hand, Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair puts it Virginia asserts parental rights in school transgender policies.  At Da Wire, Michigan School District Removes LGBTQ-Themed Books From Public Schools After Parents Complain. Meddling parents ruined the whole scam. Michigan News, Traverse City Teacher Handed Out Secret Gender Questionnaire to Class. David Strom at Haut Hair points out Public education is a man-made disaster "I am lucky, though, that I graduated when I did. If I had entered school a few decades later I would probably have left the process short some body parts that have turned out to be useful as an adult. Unfortunately kids in school today aren’t so lucky. They are marinated in an environment that is spiced with every sort of perversion, untruth, and radical ideology that you can conceive." Rick Moran at PJ Media, Biden Guts Protections for Students Accused of Sexual Assault on Campus. Due process? Why should college kids need that?

Jazz Shaw,  Fifth Circuit upholds Texas social media censorship law. At Althouse, "Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say."

Wrote Judge Andrew S. Oldham of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, "which is known to be conservative," quoted in "A federal court clears the way for a Texas social media law/The law, which had been blocked by a lower court, makes it possible to sue large social media platforms for taking down political viewpoints" (NYT).

I&I warns Attention Conservatives: They’re Coming For Your Podcasts Next 

Over the weekend, the liberal Brookings Institution released what it calls “a tool to monitor political broadcasts” on increasingly popular podcasts. Why? To combat “misinformation.”

Brookings treats the growth of podcasts the way Count Floyd would describe one of his movies on the classic Monster Chiller Horror Theater sketch on SCTV. “Ooh, that’s scary, kids, scary!”

Podcasts, it warns, “played a central role in disseminating election fraud narratives in the lead up to January 6.” Scary, kids!

NewsMax reports Hunter Biden Seeks Child Support Review Due to 'Financial Circumstances'; it's starting to cut into his coke and hooker budget.


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