Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Election 2020: Pelosi to Pull Congressional Phone Records

Not too much today. We're still digesting the official revelation the Lt. Michael Byrd of the Capitol Police shot unarmed Ashli Babbitt to death in the Jan. 6 as she attempted to go through a broken window, and received plaudits from the Mainstream Media. Dr. John at Flopping Aces says Michael Byrd is a coward. Maybe, maybe not, but I don't think he's a very good police officer. Beth Baumann at the The Truth About Guns claims Capitol Police Officer’s Explanation for Shooting and Killing Ashli Babbitt Is Riddled With Problems "What took place in this situation is a textbook example of what not to do in multiple ways. . . ." Stacy Matthews at LI responds to Jonathon Turley's piece in Statements By Capitol Police Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt ‘Demolish the Two Official Reviews That Cleared Him’ "“Under Byrd’s interpretation, hundreds of rioters could have been gunned down on Jan. 6” or an average summer day in Portland, Oregon. The AP claims Records rebut claims of unequal treatment of Jan. 6 rioters, based on the arrests of a few of thousands of rioter around the country, but as they also note: 

To be sure, some defendants have received lenient deals.

At least 19 who have been sentenced across the country got no prison time or time served, according to the AP’s review. Many pleaded guilty to lower-level offenses, such as misdemeanor assault, but some were convicted of more serious charges, including civil disorder.

In Portland, Oregon — where demonstrations, many turning violent, occurred nightly for months after a white Minneapolis police officer killed Floyd — about 60 of the roughly 100 cases that were brought have been dismissed, court records show.

WUSA9,  At least 17 Capitol riot defendants now 'effectively without counsel' with high-profile attorney John Pierce in hospital "Attorney John Pierce, of Pierce Bainbridge, is reportedly in the hospital with COVID-19 and may be on a ventilator, according to an associate.

HE, FBI Allegedly Paid White Supremacist Publisher to Serve as Confidential Informant. More proof that the demand for White Supremacists exceeds the supply. Julie Kelly at Am Great notices even More Similarities Between the Whitmer Plot and January 6

How the FBI seemingly concocted the Whitmer kidnapping plot and made it public right before the election raises legitimate questions about the FBI’s potential involvement on January 6, especially considering the same “extremist” groups—the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers—are tied to both. . . .

The precursor to the kidnapping ruse, interestingly, was a plan to attack the state capitol in Lansing. The parallels are uncanny.

Megan Fox (no, not that Megan Fox) has helpful suggestions behind PJ Media's paywall,  Here's What to Do if the FBI's 'Sedition Hunters' Show Up at Your Door, But the html gives it away free, shut up and lawyer up.

As Capt. Ed at Hot Hair notes Distractions: House 1/6 committee leaks *possible* records demand on Congress, Trump, CNN, January 6 committee to ask telecommunications companies to preserve phone records of members of Congress who participated in 'Stop the Steal' rally. They may regret that if the shoe is on the other foot in 2022. Politico notes  About Jim Jordan’s other Jan. 6 call with Trump
After a group of lawmakers were evacuated from the House chamber to a safe room on Jan. 6, Jordan was joined by Rep. MATT GAETZ (R-Fla.) for a call during which they implored Trump to tell his supporters to stand down, per a source with knowledge of that call. The source declined to say how Trump responded to this request.

At JTN, Big Tech, woke finance crack down on Flynn, Gateway Pundit, Berenson in cancel culture purge "In recent days, Twitter permanently banned independent journalist Alex Berenson, Google demonetized The Gateway Pundit from its ad network, and Chase Bank canceled the credit cards of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn."

In Audit Fever, Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports,  A Stunning Number of Absentee Ballots in DeKalb County, Georgia, Violated Chain-of-Custody Rules "according to an analysis of ballot transfer forms by The Georgia Star News, 43,907 of the 61,731 absentee ballots that were put in dropboxes by voters, a whopping 72 percent, violated this rule." At Behind the Black, Report: 43K of 61K absentee ballots in Georgia county were counted despite being illegal "Biden won Georgia by only 11,779 votes. Who knows what the real count was? We shall probably never know." From HE, Wisconsin Lost Track of 82,000+ Mail-In Ballots During 2020 Election "Indeed, Joe Biden beat Trump by 20,682 votes in the state – meaning he only won by .6 percent or less. But, per the legal foundation’s report, 82,766 mail-in ballots were undeliverable or suffered an unknown fate. " Which is why, Colorado Election Fraud: Soros-Backed Secretary of State Permanently Blocks Arizona-Style Audits (Stephen Green at PJ Media). You won't ever find election fraud if you don't look, and that's they way they want it.

Also from Stephen Green, Florida Redistricting Has Dems in a Panic Over Losing the House.

Even California is catching the bug; Jazz Shaw at Hot Hair, Nervous Newsom: Yeah, I probably kind of asked to be recalled. At Breitbart, Exclusive — Larry Elder on Gavin Newsom Recall: ‘Even When They Cheat, They’re Still Going to Lose’  John Sexton at Hot Hair, Recall of SF School Board likely has more than enough signatures to get on the ballot.

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