Thursday, August 12, 2021

Beach Report 8/12/21

The outdoor weather center showed 95 with a heat index of 113 F, but the internet suggested cooler mid 80s, with a decent breeze off the water at the beach. The internet was right 
It was still pretty muggy, and Skye wanted to stop in every stream and shady spot.
It was a pretty decent low tide, and there was lots of gravel to look through, and we managed 22 shark's teeth, 3 drums teeth, a couple crab claws, and a rock fragment that looks like it might be a flake from making an arrowhead. This a nice, but not earth shattering Snaggletooth parasymphyseal (near center) was the best of the lot.
The Great Blue Heron seems to have taken up residence on the beach the same way the Great White Heron did last year.

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