Monday, August 16, 2021

Election 2020: In the Shadows of Kabul

Hardly anything, in the wake of the Taliban beating Joe Biden in Afghanistan. Stacy McCain, Complete Disaster in Afghanistan Doesn’t Interrupt Senile Joe Biden’s Vacation. As bad as I feel for the Afghanis, I feel worse for Americans who went there and fought, were wounded or died, or just plain wasted part of their precious youth. The Afghanis could have chosen to stand and fight. They didn't.

Insty, SORRY, JOE:

Fox, Ashli Babbitt’s mom rips Pelosi, Feinstein, claims questions about daughter’s death going unanswered. Is she destined to become the right's Cindy Sheehan? 

From PM, MSNBC 'expert' equates Republicans to terrorists, warns of QAnon supporters 'who are preparing for civil war'. Malcom Nance, to Joy Reid while at Am Think Janet Levy presents A Brief History of the Assault on Conservatives as ‘Violent Extremists’

Newsbusters reports Google Rewrote News Algorithm to Target Trump. And this is news?

EpochTV interviewed Vorhis about Google’s methods and endgame. Vorhis said his research turned “conspiracy theories into conspiracy facts.”

He also said Google’s algorithm tacked new negative stories about Trump onto old ones in order to keep them at the top of search results longer.

“They allowed the mainstream media to structure their stories so that they could remain in the top of their search index,” he said.

Natalie Winters at TNP, Democrat Congresswoman Drafting Election Security Laws Is Invested In Chinese State-Owned Companies. Does everybody take Chinese money but me?

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